Saturday, April 16, 2011

A DillyDally Birthday!

Many people associate April 15th with taxes ... in DillyDallydom, it represents an important birthday!  Yep ... Teacup DillyDally was born 18 years ago!  In cat years, that makes her the oldest family member!
Like all of us ... Teacup has her strengths and weaknesses.  One of her weaknesses is ... Almond Poppyseed Muffins!  So of course that was what she got for her birthday cake!  Like all women ... she wasn't sure she liked all this fuss about her age!

The DillyDallys are fortunate that Teacup allows them to live with her ... she truly does rule.  She is a very strict taskmaster ...
... quilting is her favorite activity to supervise.
She loves fabric scraps ... yes ... she is a devoted Bonnie Hunter fan ... and thinks the two of them are soul mates!
She has an opinion when it comes to fabric selection as well ...
... and makes it very obvious when she loves our fabric choices!
She loves the entire process of quilting ... cutting strips ...
... piecing ...
... layering ...
... binding ...
... and all finishes must receive her final approval.
All finished quilts immediately become her personal property!
She is quite put out that she is not allowed to participate in the QBee Minnesota Shop Hop Adventure ... after all she is a QBee too!  She doesn't buy the argument that she is too old to travel that far.  What an attitude!
Teacup is also a knitter.  It took a long time for her to learn her knitting manners!
Once she learned not to run away with the yarn ... that yarn is not for eating ...
... and stopped chewing up my bamboo needles!  I love having her warm body in my lap ... her soft purr in rhythm with the clickity-clack of my needles ... and together we enter the dillydally zone, where all of the world's realities are forgotten.  It's lovely. 
Yep ... her responsibilities and obligations include supervising Mr. DillyDally as well.
When not supervising her family, her favorite pastime is sunbathing.
This past Christmas, Santa brought her a heated bed.  We tried to place it in several locations in the living room.  None of them met with her satisfaction.  Finally when we placed it on one of the double recliners, she was happy and would use it!  Yes ... she has her own recliner!
She is happiest when the DillyDally children return home.  The "empty nest" was hardest on her.  She loves her brother!
And is completely devoted to her sister!  Yep ... we couldn't manage without her!
Happy 18th Birthday
Teacup DillyDally!


  1. She is very much the DillyDally KittyCattie...
    xoxo KA

  2. I love your post about your Dilly Dally cat! Very entertaining! I'm sending the link to my sister - a cat lover.