Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dabbles from DillyDallydom!

It has been busy in my remote corner of the planet ... lots of dabbles.

Mother Nature is exerting her authority ... it still gets below freezing during the night ... but ...
... the ice on the ponds is melting ...
... there is less snow on the ground ...
... and the larger animals have been on the move ... looking for their next meal.  Spring isn't quite here ... but her arrival is getting closer.  We're hopeful! ;-)

At Home
The view from the front deck has been ...
...beautiful in the morning ...
... lovely in the middle of the day as well.  I know ... it looks warm, but trust me ... it isn't!
No ... that is not a weather vane on our roof!  That is a juvenile bald eagle.  He is full size, but hasn't gotten his white feathers yet. 
The eagles have trouble finding food this time of the year ... we are keeping Teacup indoors for now ... when the fish arrive, he'll find better things to eat.

Our entire town is in a deep coma ...
... a Krispy Kreme Coma!
These two are responsible for the local "sugar pandemic"!  Do not be fooled by those innocent looking smiles!  They brought 540 (yes...five hundred and forty) dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts into our remote corner of the planet!  They were flown in from the lower 48 states!
They intimidated their friends into selling them on the street!  They strong-armed all of us into buying at least one box!  All of this under the guise that it was a fundraiser for the senior class' "Safe and Sober" Graduation Party!  Only in this remote corner of the planet... ;-) ... I love it!

The dillydally winds have been strong ... in fact ... it's been more like a dillydally storm!
Remember a few weeks back when I was inspired by this yarn from Three Irish Girls?  I had begun designing a sweater for Sister DillyDally.
Last Friday I had finished knitting the bottom of the sweater... then the designing frenzy (dillydally tornado!) began as I worked on developing the bodice!  I love this process and have learned to respond when the urge hits me!  The graph paper, pencils and eraser were flying ... nothing else got done ... everyone was ignored ... I was in the eye of the storm!  And I loved it!  Of course paper and pencil are one thing ... sometimes what you see in your head ...what you put on paper ...
... and the knitted garment meet your expectations ... and sometimes they don't.  So far ... I'm very happy with the results!  Will keep you posted! ;-)

I'll end with a few more dabbles ...
... Trumpeter Swans preparing to nest on a pond ... a sure sign of spring ...
.. and a sunset we enjoyed this weekend from the front deck!  Here's hoping there are lots of dillydally dabbles in your corner of the planet as well ... enjoy them!

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  1. I just love all the pictures post and make it a point to show my husband! One thing on his bucket list is to visit Alaska, who am I kidding, he'd want to live there. I am so happy spring is finally reaching your corner of the country. We are hoping it's here to stay in Ohio.