Sunday, May 1, 2011

Honoring My Mother's Birthday

Today would have been my mother's 74th birthday ... May Day has always been extra special ... we celebrated spring and her birthday!  Since her death, I've tried to spend her birthday in a way that honors her and what she taught me.  My mother was a wonderful friend ... I dedicated this weekend to focusing on what she taught me about serving others in friendship.  

Our lives are pulled in so many directions that we often find ourselves with little time and energy to share with those outside our family that are important to us ... our friends.  On Wednesday I decided to have a few knitting friends over for dinner Friday night.  By Thursday I had nearly talked myself out of it, because I wouldn't have time to clean my house or prepare a gourmet meal!  I had lost my focus ... I wasn't doing this to impress my friends, my intent was to nurture our relationship!  So before I could change my mind, I called and invited them. 

In honor of my mother, I planned a "Farm" themed menu.  We had old-fashioned meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, green salad ... plain, hearty, solid food ... nothing fancy, just nourishing.  No one noticed my lack of housekeeping or complained about the simple meal ... it was just a joy to spend time together.
Because they know me well ... and accept my quirkyness ... they appreciated my centerpiece! ;-)  See how I altered it for the Easter holiday?  Plastic Easter eggs and grass really dress up the Dilly Dally fabric scraps, don't you think?  Martha Stewart would be impressed I'm sure ... NOT! ;-)
While dessert was in the oven ...we knitted ...
... we giggled ...
... we solved the world's problems.  And then we ate cake!  Old-fashioned Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Coconut Frosting ... it was one of the first recipes my mother ever taught me to make.  It was called "old-fashioned" then ... what a hoot!  It was a wonderful evening with a few of my KBees (knitting buddies) ... I'm so grateful I didn't talk myself out of it ... time with friends is a treasure!

Today, I planned an event with the QBees that are traveling to Minnesota with me this summer.  
Only two were able to make it today ... but we had a great time!
I came up with a project that creates an item that will be useful during our travels.  I'll share more on the project in a later post!
I shared the 10 day itinerary that I've created for the trip ... gosh, I get excited every time I think about it!  My mother taught me the importance of sharing with friends ... when we have or find something good, we should share it!  Ever since I stumbled across the Minnesota Shop Hop in 2007, I have wanted to share it with my friends! ;-)  And this year, it is finally going to happen!
Terry brought in a quilt top she recently finished for her great nephew!  He is really into lizards ... he is lucky to have Terry as a great aunt!  The quilt is beautiful ... even if it is covered with reptiles! ;-)

Dillydallying with friends ... what a great gift.  I appreciate all that she taught me ... her gift for understanding, supporting and loving others ... I pray that I am able to do some of that ... and hope to pass a bit of her abilities on to those I love. 
Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you and miss you everyday!    

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