Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome Home Mr. DillyDally!

Mr. DillyDally spent the past few weeks back in the midwest visiting family.  He was there before Brother DillyDally had returned to Alaska for the summer. 
Here Brother is with his youngest cousins ... they live in South Dakota.  It is so great to have a picture of them together!
 As a young child, Brother was his grandfathers constant shadow.  They would leave for hours at a time and enjoyed many adventures together.  Because of their time together, Brother has developed a lifelong interest in farming and agriculture ... even though it is so different from where he was raised on the Alaskan coast.  Grandpa was also the one who taught Brother how to drive.  These two share many treasured memories.
Nana has the patience of a saint ... Brother and Grandpa would bring home all kinds of things that required her assistance.  Once they picked stole a ton of apples from other farmsteads ... and Nana was required to hide the evidence by making many jars of apple butter!
Mr. DillyDally spent a lot of time with our firstborn, Sister DillyDally.  She lives in the city, so he had a chance to enjoy the urban lifestyle!
They returned to South Dakota to spend Mother's Day ... Cousin Linnea and Sister have a special bond!
Sister and Nana share many passions ... their Swedish heritage ... American Girl dolls ... Anne of Green Gables ... fashion design just to name a few.  They spent a great deal of their time together in artistic pursuits ... again, Nana's patience was put to good use.
As a birthday gift from friends, Mr. DillyDally and Sister were invited to a Twins Baseball game!  Unfortunately for everyone except Mr. DillyDally, the weather was cold and rainy.  They were freezing ... Mr. DillyDally was comfortable ... cold and rainy is our norm up here! ;-) 
We are always amazed at our daughter ... who grew up here in our remote corner of the planet ... who now lives and works successfully in the big city.  She is so comfortable having a foot in each world, even though they are so different from one another.  Mr. DillyDally loved his time with her ... she is a joy!
Yesterday, when he arrived home, he returned to his role as  "The Grill Master"!  Friends shared their King Salmon catch with us ... it is impossible to describe how good it was!  Freshly caught Copper River King is being enjoyed all over the globe as well as on our dinner table ... the first of the season ... both DillyDally men are home ... yep ... life is darn good!

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