Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taking My Own Advice!

College basketball has March Madness ... school districts across America have May Madness!  This month is "crazy busy" for those that work or attend public schools!  Field trips ... competitions ... awards ... finals ... graduation ... it is a circus!  Not much time for dillydallying ... just ask my Supervisor and assistant! ;-)
Both Teacup and "Her Majesty" (sewing machine) are feeling very neglected.  Earlier this week ... I found Teacup here ... it is about 6:00 am ... she sits in the dark room ... in her supervisory position ... waiting ... and waiting.  As you can see ... "Her Majesty" is currently being used as a desk ... she is holding knitting paperwork ... she too is quite put out ... paperwork is not part of her job description.

During the past few weeks I've only had snipits of dillydally time ... but even a few minutes here and there eventually add up...
... yep ... I was able to finish one sleeve and began working on its partner.  No ... I don't know yet if it will fit ... although it looks promising.  I am quite uneasy about it ... gosh, new dillydally paths can be frightening.  So I've chosen to place myself in lala-land (denial) temporarily ... I'll take the pilgrimage to reality when it is possible to breathe deeply.  ;-)

Over the past few weeks I have been promising myself that Saturday (May 21) was going to be a dillydally day!  All other responsibilities would be placed on hold ... I would only respond to my dillydally whims!
I woke at 6:00 and enjoyed the view with a cup of fresh coffee ... what a lovely way to begin a productive dillydally day!  The dillydally winds were blowing in the "Git er done" direction ...
I began by binding this scrap quilt.  I had the longarm quilter use a wool batt, a first for me!  After binding, I washed it on the gentle cycle and put in the dryer on a cool air cycle.  This quilt is twin sized and there is no pattern ... it truly was made of leftovers!  I love everything about this quilt, and have claimed it as my own snuggle quilt!  I will only share it with Teacup! ;-)
This is a queen sized "Lucky Stars" by Terry Atkinson that I pieced a few years back.  It has been quilted for some time.  Yep ... you guessed it ... I bound it ... washed and dried it ... love the results!  I love this pattern and have made it 3 times in 3 different sizes and styles! 
Lap sized "Entwined" quilt ... pieced some time ago ... quilted last summer ... finally got binding yesterday!  This pattern was taught at a guild retreat a few years back.  This quilt will be a gift to a very special person ... more later! ;-)
My Alaskan Wildflower quilt.  Bought the hand stenciled blocks back in the mid 80's ... pieced top to honor Alaska's 50th year of Statehood ... used Terry Atkinson's "Confetti in the Corner" pattern for the alternating blocks ... had The Green Fairy quilt it ... you guessed it!  It is now bound and ready to hang on the wall!
This is a Thimbleberries table runner that I pieced and wool appliqued several years ago.  Yesterday I finally quilted and bound it!  Ya-Hoo!  I celebrated finishing 5 projects!  I was exhausted ... but it was that wonderful, euphoric kind of fatigue!  It felt oh my gosh good golly great!

Today, it was necessary to tackle the tasks outside of dillydallydom.  You know ... laundry ... housekeeping ... the usual.  But I did begin the prototype of the next "Sew to Go" project for the QBees traveling to Minnesota this summer.  Here's a peek!
For whatever reason ... there are some life lessons that I refuse to learn quickly.  I should not have denied my dillydally urges these past weeks.  Dillydallying is so much more than the silliness it implies.  Creative pursuits ... working with my hands ... brings clarity to my thought process ... it brings balance to my chaotic life ... it enables me to manage life's difficulties and to delight in life's pleasures.  I am so grateful for the dillydally side of my life, thanks for letting me share it with you.  
Do not deny yourself ... Do Dillydally!

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  1. You go girl!! What an amazing dilly dally day!