Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mamas and Their Babies

There is no greater privilege than observing and participating in the growth and development of our fellow human beings!  It is what I loved most about being a teacher and a mother.
These two beautiful women are amongst my daughter's best friends!  I've known them since they were three years old ... I was one of their girl scout leaders for 12 years ... their student council advisor ... they were in my classroom ... today, I consider them friends.
And now they have children of their own.  I met this young man (4 years old) for the first time ... such a fun age ... working hard at learning about everything that surrounds him!
Can it get any cuter?  I think not!  These two are only months apart ... and are adorable in every way!
I remember attending this mother's baby shower ... I held her in my arms when she was a newborn ... we referred to her that day as "Mary's little lamb" ... and she remains just as sweet and kind!  Her "little man" is growing up quickly ... such an adorable little boy!
Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Baby Jack!
Here he is ... two months old!  I have known his beautiful mother her entire life!  She is only months younger than my son ... they were the best of friends while growing up!  Many wonderful memories!
She made this beautiful quilt for her son ... what a treasure ... as is she!

Such wonderful mothers ... such fortunate children ... such joy!  It is an honor to watch life unfold around us.  Our attachment to one another is so important to our individual development and the growth of others.  Relationships are everything!

Do what you love!  Invest in your relationships!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally  
My sweet Kysa ... the fur baby that takes time to walk with me everyday!

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