Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Shop + Movie Star = New Project!

Mr. DillyDally and I spent a couple of days exploring Oregon after the family reunion.  We had no agenda and traveled in true dillydally fashion ... looked at a map and decided what route to take ... not knowing what we might find.  It was the first time we have ever done that ... it was lovely.
It was the 3rd of July ... we were on our way back to Portland ... as we had to be at the airport at 4:00 am the next morning!  The highway we were on took us past this window!
Traffic was heavy, but eventually Mr. DillyDally was able to turn the car around. ;-) He was a very good sport.  Aren't the window displays inspiring?  Wish I knew how to remove the reflections so you could see the displays better!
Welcome to Boersma's in McMinnville, Oregon!  The windows displays are nothing compared to the inspiration found inside!  Everything about this shop is wonderful, including the staff and the lounge area for husbands.  Yep, Mr. DD enjoyed some time in a recliner.  ;-)
Between the window displays ... the patriotic arrangements in the store ... or the holiday ... this is what I brought home!
Flicka helped me sort the charm squares into color families.  I chose two different charm square sets to scrap it up!
I came across this photo of Doris Day knitting on facebook recently!  She was my idol (still is!) growing up ... I wanted to be just like her!  An all-American girl!  But I didn't know until I saw this photo that she is also a dillydallier!  Wowser!  Double Wowser!
Time for a Doris Day marathon here in dillydallydom!  I always do the the movie marathon sequentially, beginning with the earliest one I own.  This was Flicka's first Doris Day Marathon!
The movie is playing ... I'm busy cutting ... I look up at the TV ... and what do I see?
Yep ... it looks like Flicka is a Doris Day fan as well!  Am so happy I had the camera close by ... even if the quality of the photo is poor!
Doris Day sang ... 
... I pieced ...
... and Flicka supervised. 
Three Doris Day movies from the 40's and project is complete!  What a team ... an inspiring new shop ... a movie idol ... and a supervisor!  ;-)  Am loving my silly dillydally life!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Flicka is the perfect sewing kitten.

  2. Double wowser is right!!! How you can put together a quilt top in 5-6 hours is beyond me!!! You are amazing!!

    PS - I love, love, love Doris Day also and got Alcie hooked on her this summer!! :)

  3. Love how you put those fabrics together! I'm not that fast at piecing a quilt top either. It must be Flicka's supervising. ☺ Did you get my book suggestions on facebook?

  4. I knew it Boersma's from the first picture! My DS/DIL live near McMinnville and I always visit that quilt shop whenever we visit them - which is every year, except this year (Boo Hoo) because they are coming south to see us instead. I love Oregon! I have sent some of your cute blogs featuring Flicka's supervision to my cat lover sister. She has enjoyed them too.

  5. I just love that Flicka. What a cute and creative cat she is!

  6. I love that you mixed 2 charm packs for a super scrappy look. It turned out great!!

  7. Hi, Terri. Just happened to listen to your interview with Pat Sloan so I stopped by to see your blog and quilting projects. We kind of live on opposite ends of the world, but I'm originally from Oregon and my folks came from Bemidji, MN. I enjoyed the visit!
    best from Tunisia,