Friday, July 20, 2012

Here is What's Happening!

Since our return from Oregon, it has been extremely busy here in dillydallydom!
Flicka in April
Flicka is no longer a little puff ball of fur...
Flicka in July
... she is about 3 times larger than when we adopted her.  She is lean, lanky and moves at rocket level speed!
 Flicka helped machine quilt ...
...and bind the baby quilt I pieced at Spring Retreat.  Some help? ;-)
We did finally get it done!
We love the Berenstain Bears and hope to pass that on to the little one who will be receiving this quilt!
We began a new embroidery project ... a first for Flicka.  Having her walk across and rest on the fabric while tracing the design was an interesting challenge! ;-)
She was very fascinated with crayons.  It was difficult to convince her not to bat at them while I was using them.  Kittens do not understand the desire to stay within the lines! ;-)
In order to finish it ... Mr. DillyDally came to the rescue and distracted my "Supervisor"!
Once I started the stitching, she developed her embroidery manners quickly ...  but loves to sit on my threads ... making things very convenient! ;-)
We're making good progress.  This project has no deadlines ... just a design I like from Crabapple Hill!
One afternoon, we made this bag!  It was quick ...
... the pattern includes three sizes ...
... I used painters tape to mark the stitching lines.
Another terrific pattern by Terry Atkinson!  I love the bag ... for multiple reasons.  It stores alot, it stands up on its own and it collapses!  I did not have access to the filling recommended on the pattern, so I used the Inn-Control batting and it worked out well!  I plan to make many of these in all three sizes!
 I have been teaching three classes as well.  A handbag construction and basic quilting class at the Cordova Quilters' Hideout and a sweater design class at The Net Loft!  I will share those experiences on other posts.

Yep ... it has been busy ... all in a good way!  Sure wish I could function at rocket speed like my sidekick!  Tee-Hee! ;-)
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!  Like a rocket!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Good morning! You have been busy as usual! Your helper makes it even more fun by the looks of things. :)
    I have looked at that bag pattern before and have thought about making it for carrying ipad and cords. I have hesitated because I thought I might like a zipper. Now I'm thinking I might need to give it a try anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A little squirt from a water spray bottle wouldn't hurt the little helper! Ha! Glad to hear you're teaching in the summer, too.

  3. Wow! You have been busy. I just love the 'Adventures of Flicka'! You should be writing a childrens book :) We finally got 2 days of rain. Thank You for sending it our way. Another wonderful day with my QBees on Thrusday. You and Flicka are always a topic!!

    1. Thanks for thinking of us during your time at Miss Carol's ... I think of you all every Thursday! Some day I am going to join in the fun! Hey? It could happen! Hugs!

  4. After our busy day at the Science Center, Zoe, Toria and I visited your blog to see what Flicka and you have been up to lately. Flicka really has grown so much and both girls loved reading about her. It looks green in Alaska now. ☺