Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Serving of Buzz Cut!

The adventure with the Buzz Cut pattern continues!  Time for a second serving!
There are many things about teaching that I love ... one of them is that it forces me as the instructor to work double-time!  I have to make a sample to advertise the class and then make another simutaneously during the class to demonstrate!  Here Flicka is hindering helping me cut background strips.  I chose a light aqua solid fabric for the background on this version.
I made the first one in very traditional fabrics and colors.  It will be a gift and needed to fit into a "lodge" themed decor.
In an effort to show the diversity of this pattern, I chose fabric with a more contemporary theme, Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille.
Instead of choosing five fabrics, I decided to use jelly roll strips.  In order to get all the pieces necessary for one block, I needed to have two strips of each fabric ... which meant I purchased two jelly rolls.  ;-)  But as my regular readers know ... I love leftovers!
Using the jelly rolls meant that every block would be made with a different print!  On a side note ... that Moda twill tape that is just too nice to throw away?  Kittens love it!  Thank you Moda!  Another wonderful reason to like precuts!
Piecing thirty blocks is more exhausting than I realized!  ;-)
The blocks were packed for class ... guess who wanted to go along?  What a silly cat ... she sure fits right in around here!
Here Flicka is checking my layout ...
... she thought about it ...
...and immediately started rearranging them!  Too fun! ;-) I learned early on with our beloved Teacup to lay blocks out on batting!
Yep ... she was very comfortable with her choices.  What a hoot!
Who knew that good grooming was such an important part of piecing a quilt top together?  I am learning new things on a daily basis! ;-)
Bet you also were unaware that quilt tops are meant for playing "hide n' seek"?  We love how Flicka thinks that if she can't see us ... we're unable to see her!  Just like a toddler!
And ... like a two-year-old, she cannot wait to be found and exposes herself!  Such a wing nut!

With all this supervision and assistance ... it is a wonder that I get anything accomplished!  ;-)  On this version ... I placed a narrow strip of the background fabric for the first border ... so the the blocks would float.  Then finished it off with a large red print.  Am in love with the results ... a very different look from my first version.  I find patterns that are versatile like this one to be very inspiring!  And I love the challenge of trying different versions of the same design!  What a wonderful way to dillydally!
Do what you love.  Have second servings.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Don't forget to leave a comment ... these little treasures from dillydallydom could be traveling to your corner of the planet!  Have a great dillydally week!


  1. You get so much done, even when dillydallying. I have been on hold but today I quilt a birthday quilt for my youngest, her birthday is Aug 4th. I will show on facebook or L. T. I love the pattern you have used on these two quilts.

  2. The colors on the second quilt are gorgeous! I love the way the stripes came out for the pinwheels. Flicka is irresistible!

  3. Love your quilt. I enjoy reading about your "helper" and the pics.


  4. OH Yes, kitties are so fun. And, your top is just as refreshing as the background in your blog.

  5. We are making Buzz Cuts at our quilt guild's spring workshop. To learn more I 'googled' and that's how I came to your blog! My first time visiting any blog! Cats and quilts! What's not to love!
    Thank you! I am a dilly dallier, but have not gotten over the guilt thing. I will continue to work on it.