Friday, August 27, 2010

All Kinds of Sunshine!

The Original Form of Sunshine
As those of you who follow this blog know ... we have had a serious lack of sun all summer.  Last Sunday night it began to clear off ... and we were blessed with three days of sunshine!  Yes ... in a row!  You guessed it!  I did not spend those days dillydallying indoors.  When the skies clear in our remote corner of the world ... we do not waste a minute of it! ;-)

On Tuesday, QBee Julie and her hubby Jerry invited me to make a quick trip with them to their cabin across the inlet ... I jumped at the chance!
Julie & Jerry at the harbor with their boat ... preparing to launch!
Leaving Cordova's busy harbor...
... all kinds of boats in a commercial fishing community.
Entering Orca Inlet ... could the day be more beautiful?
Their cabin in the cove ... gorgeous!
We use the ladder to get out of the boat ... jumping out is for the young bucks! ;-)

The view from their cabin ... a beautiful and very private cove ...
Returning to Cordova ... now you all know why we live in this remote corner of the planet!  The truth is that if we had weather like this even one out of every three days ... tens of thousands of people would live here.  So as much as we complain ... most of us like living in our secret little town in the middle of no where!  

Dillydallying - An Alternative Form of Sun
My dillydally lifestyle allows me to have sunshine in my life in a way that doesn't require sunglasses or sunscreen.  Not much chance of developing premature wrinkles living here! ;-)  This week that "dillydally sun" came from the Green Fairy Quilter, Judi.  I received on Monday the two quilts I had sent her to be quilted.  For more back story look here
When I opened the box ... they were packaged in this bright green bag ... isn't that just the cutest!  Love it!  Also had a  personal card from Judi ... too sweet! 
When I saw the quilts on her blog ... I was overwhelmed by how she had quilted them ... so I expected them to be outstanding.  But ... when we pulled them out of the box ... neither Mr. DillyDally or I could speak...
... we were in total awe.
Simply put ... Judi's talent is incredible in every way.
All week I have been trying to figure out how to take pictures ...
... that would capture how beautiful her work is ...
... I wish you all could see and touch them.
The Green Fairy really did work magic ... her quilting turned my humble quilts into pieces of art ... I am still overwhelmed.  

Yep ... we all learned early in our education that the sun warms the earth and  is responsible for all that lives and grows on our planet.  
But the warmth that lives in our hearts comes from the people in our lives.  Thank you Jerry, Julie and Judi for bringing sun into my life ... I am grateful.


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL quilts!! Awesome day for a trip to Julie's wonderful cabin :)

  2. Thank you for the sweet post! You captured your quilts perfectly. I am so grateful that I was able to work on your quilts! Take care!