Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to Rain!

I took this picture from my front deck Tuesday night ... yes ... the clouds moved in and it has been raining ever since.  Living in coastal Alaska means that the weather can change in minutes ... we learned quickly to take advantage of good weather ... it rarely stays for long. 

The weather was soooo bad yesterday ... I never left the house!  But I did get a lot of dillydallying done! ;-)
School is just around the corner ... that means back to work for me!  I actually love my job, so I get excited about the beginning of the school year.  Of course teaching is very time consuming, and my dillydally time becomes limited ... so yesterday I made a "Do dillydally list" ... a list of dillydally projects I want to complete before I return to work.  I love lists!  I enjoy being able to cross things off the list ... it gives me a sense of accomplishment!

When I turned 50, the QBees hosted an amazing birthday party for me ... it was wonderful.  To return their kindness ... I host a quilting party for them.  I'm horrible at remembering everyone's birthday during the year, so I hold an "UnBirthday" Party ... you know, from Alice in Wonderland ... celebrating your birthday not on the actual day.  So ... yesterday I made the invitations.  That is all the details I'm sharing for now ... stay tuned!  ;-)

I finished piecing my Popsicle Sticks units!  I think I'm going to like the Bali Pop combination I chose ... I'll know for sure when I lay it out.  I could not believe how quickly the units went together.  Terry Atkinson has another hit on her hands ... this is by far the most pleasant jellyroll pattern I've used!  Be sure to check out our guild's blog to see photos of other Popsicle tops.

I recently gave this 007 project to QBee Valerie ... as a housewarming gift.  It is an original pattern designed by Emily Hardwig, of Emily's Country Cottage in Bemidji, Minnesota. I purchased this kit from her in June while visiting there.  I have admired wool applique' for years ... even bought some kits ... but avoided doing them because of the needlework involved ... it just seemed too overwhelming and I was intimidated.  While in Minnesota this summer I spoke to both Emily and Roseann Kermes about their wool applique' techniques as I really admire their wool work.  Needless to say ... I had been over thinking wool applique' ... making it much more complicated than necessary ... remember, I'm a recovering perfectionist!  While doing this ... I felt so silly for avoiding it for so long ... sometimes I can be such a wing nut! 

Well dear ones ... my taskmaster, Teacup says that it is time to get back to my list. ;-)  It is still raining ... perfect for dillydallying! 

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