Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh My Gosh Good Golly!

OMGGG!  I'm so excited I can't speak!  Late last night I was checking out a few of my favorite blogs ... got to Green Fairy Quilts ....and OH MY GOSH GOOD GOLLY ... Judy posted about the quilting she had recently completed on my Alaskan Wildflower quilt!
I looked in my photo files and I didn't have any pictures of this quilt.  I pieced it spring of 2009, before I started blogging.  This is a picture I took from her blog entry ... here she shows the overall quilt.  In her blog post (dated 8/6) she has other photos that show close ups of the actual quilting she did. Prepare to be overwhelmed by her talent ... check it out here.

The Alaskan Wildflower blocks are stenciled.  They were designed and made by a friend's sister who is a botanist.  She would sell them individually or as a collection.  I bought the set of them in the 80's ... unfortunately they are no longer available.  They are stenciled on ecru colored muslin.  The beige background fabric I purchased in Kenai a couple of years ago ... thought that I might be able to use it with these blocks.  It is a very small print ... it has flower petals scattered all over it.

The alternating blocks are from Terry Atkinson's book, Confetti in the Corner.  I used scrap batik fabrics from my stash to make them.  The border print is from a McKenna Ryan collection ... filled with the wildflower called Fireweed.  

I can't recall how I came across the Green Fairy Quilts blog ... it was about a year ago ... initially I was drawn in by her talent.  As I read her blog ... met her family ... her life as a young mother ... her passion for quilts ... her role as a business woman ... the service project she and her husband support ... she is so much more than a talented long arm quilter.  Yes, her talent is a gift ... a blessing ... and I'm thrilled with the work she has done on my quilt ... but I'm most impressed that she serves as a blessing in the other areas of her life.  She is an inspiration in many ways!  I'm so grateful to have met her through cyberspace ... isn't life wonderful?  Love it!         


  1. I checked out her quilting and I echo your Oh My Gosh Good Golly! What beautiful work! Amazing! The quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Mrs. Dilly-Dally, You are turning into a Quilting Rockstar yourself!