Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Dillydally Virus! Hope you catch it!

The weather returned to heavy rains Monday and Tuesday ... great dillydally weather!  I have been busy on a couple of 007 projects, but my enthusiasm for the Minnesota Shop Hop just couldn't be tamed.  Remember ... one of the characteristics of a dillydallier is to work on what ever they feel like.  So I finally "gave in" and pulled out a wall kit I purchased from Emily's Country Cottage.  She designed it using the shop hop fabrics...

... the center square is from the panel print ... fussy cut snowflakes from another print ...
 ... fussy cut flakes become 2 inch snowball blocks ...
 ... finished with the piecing ... 12.5 inches square wall quilt.
It was a fun, fast project that eased my MN Shop Hop fever!  I also ordered from Emily a half yard pack of all the fabrics ... fever began to rise again as I thought about how I would use them ... started doing some drafting ...
 ... we'll see ... still thinking ... want to work in the panel print ... gosh ... I love it when my head goes off into a dillydally spin!
Also got around to finishing this table runner ... quilted it last week ... did the binding over the past few days!  So between working on 007 projects, finishing a UFO, making a very small wall quilt and drafting a new quilt ... my dillydallying the past two days has been pretty productive.  Gosh!  Dillydallying fever is the kind of illness I welcome! ;-) 
Look at the view from my front deck this morning ... I think Kysa and I are going in the woods to check out our secret berry patch ... this afternoon might mean a dillydally date with my favorite berry picking partner!  

May you all catch the dillydally virus!

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  1. Just wanted to say the picture of your draft quilt is very cool looking!