Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Giggling and Dillydallying...

Yep ... I'm still giggling ... all those memories that the book brings to the surface ... and the people involved ... make me smile.  Yes ... The Fascinating Girl (and the initial book, Fascinating Womanhood) is still available for sale ... they are the polar opposite of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique.  All books were written about the same time ... I've never been one with a black and white view of the world ... I always seem to land somewhere in the middle when it comes to controversial issues.  Don't get me wrong ... I am very opinionated ... it's just that my opinions usually fall somewhere in the middle! ;-)

Now ... on to dillydallying ...
  Our Alaskan blueberries are ripe and Q/KBee Barb and I went on a picking adventure last week.  I've been dillydallying in the kitchen, trying to create the perfect Blueberry Barbecue Sauce.  This is a picture of sauce #2 ... the first had too little blueberry flavor and not enough heat ... the second had enough heat but not enough blueberry taste ... the quest continues!
QBee Valerie is taking her only child to college this week.  Her daughter made a quilt for her dorm room that represents our life here by the sea as she will be far from the Pacific in Bozeman, Montana.  So this was a 007 project I made for her, to match the quilt.  They had so much to pack ... I gave it to them unstuffed with $ to purchase stuffing down there.  I love these gumdrop pillows, have made them for both my adult children ...they are fun for all ages!
Making progress on my Cobblestone hand applique' blocks ... slow ... somewhat steady ... really tests my patience ... can't quite say that it is fun ... more like a necessary evil ... ;-) !
Finished piecing together the top of my Popsicle Sticks quilt!  I like the combination of the two Bali Pops!  This is by far my favorite jelly roll pattern to date ... thank you Terry Atkinson!  I just need to get backing and then it is off to one of our local long arm quilters!  Yipee ... it always feels so good to finish a quilt top!

As usual ... I have a few Secret 007 projects in progress, but can't show or give hints yet.  Undercover work is hard only because you're making progress, but can't share it ... never did like keeping secrets!  But I do love starting new projects!  ;-)  I love my guilt-free dillydally lifestyle!
This is a wool felt kit I purchased while in Minnesota earlier this summer.  After finishing the Welcome wool felt quilt ... I have new confidence in my ability to master (and maybe even enjoy) wool applique'!  
I have pieced the background and begun layering the wool pieces ... am enjoying it so far ... there is hope ... always!
Teacup DillyDally likes to remind me that she is in charge by occasionally interrupting the dillydally process ... hmmm ... she seems to have forgotten her quilting manners!
We've finally had some decent weather ... this is sunset from the front deck on Sunday ... lovely way to end a day ... lovely way to end this post.  Off to dillydally ... you do the same ... don't forget to giggle too!

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