Friday, August 13, 2010

Cake Party with KBees!

Look at this cake...
... chocolate with a caramel frosting.  No ... the truth is that unless you were there ... you have no idea how good it was!  Seriously ... Paula Deen, Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay ... any of those cooking celebrities would give their best mixing spoon to have their name on this recipe!  It is, oops I mean, was (we ate it) to "die for delicious"!  I have renamed KBee Krista the "Cake Empress" ... we will fall to our knees begging her to make us another ... soon!  That is the Cake Empress in the background ... not only is she a talent in the kitchen ... look what she can do with knitting needles ...
The young woman on the left is modeling the sweater Krista recently finished for her twenty-something  daughter.  The pattern comes from the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of the Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine and is called the "Yoke Detail Pullover".  She knit it with Jo Sharp's DK yarn ... very yummy to touch ... and really shows off the details in the knitting.  See those bobbles near the top of the sweater's yoke?  There are 80 of them and each bobble involves 19 stitches!  OMGosh ... that would make me lose my mind ... I know what you're thinking, how could I lose something that is already missing.  ;-)  The good news is that Krista was able to maintain her marbles, knit a beautiful sweater and celebrate her success by baking us the world's best cake!

KBee Mae recently finished this gorgeous vest from the Folk Knit Book.  I wish I were better at taking pictures ... the detail in this vest is stunning!
The back of this vest is amazing as well ... I just love that kind of detail.  She used Dale's Freestyle yarn.  Mae is a very accomplished knitter and a great resource for our knitting community ... her knitting really inspires us!
KBee Gail spent her free time (how she finds any free time with all she does?) this summer knitting an Alice Starmore vest for herself ... I know ... over the top wonderful!  It was a kit she ordered directly from Alice!  Those of you who know me, know that color pattern knitting is my favorite type of knitting to I was especially impressed with her work!  Quite simply ... this vest is lovely.  Great work Gail!
KBee Neva shared this children's sweater ... perfect for our Alaskan climate!  Some lucky child will be running around our community wearing this beautiful Lopi inspired sweater.  She knit it with kid-friendly Encore yarn and the pattern is a meld between a couple different published patterns that Neva tweaked to meet her expectations ... the results of her efforts have really paid off.  She even started another one at the party!  Go Neva!
KBee and next door neighbor Darleen finished this baby sweater and started another one during the cake party!  She is expecting her first grandchild this winter, so her enthusiasm for baby sweaters makes complete sense!  I am so excited for her and the entire family ... babies are such a wonderful influence in our lives!

Talk about "Knitter's Eye Candy"... wish you had a chance to touch it ... ecstasy!  OK ... let me see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense ... it is a mouthful.  These hand-dyed Three Irish Girls yarns are commissioned by The Net Loft's owner, Dottie.  The colorways are exclusive to our local shop and are inspired by our environment.  
This sweater was knit with their Elenya Alpaca yarn that is 50% alpaca and 50% merino.  The color was inspired by ...
the Sheridan Glacier.  The pattern comes from Chic Knits and is called the Mondo Cable Cardi.  The yarn was wonderful to knit with and the pattern was well written.  A great knitting experience in every way.  

Can you guess the theme of this impromptu party?  Yep... it gave those of us who recently finished sweaters a chance to celebrate together!  Now, I know myself very well ... it will be quite awhile before I finish another sweater ... and I know I can't wait that long for another cake from the Empress.  I suggested that we have a weekly party ... no response.  I then recommended a bimonthly party ... no commitment.  Hmmm ... I suddenly realized the problem ... we celebrated finishing sweaters with cake.  Dillydally tactics are in order ... we need to redefine our intent.  We need to celebrate cake by knitting ... cake becomes the motive for knitting ... we will finish our sweaters faster if we have multiple cake parties!  Cake Empress!  I know you're reading this ... I'm begging ...please plan another Cake Party soon!  

My dear dillydalliers ... I hope you are having cake too! 

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