Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to Dillydallydom!

A couple of my former students called recently and wanted to have a "Sew Day" before they left for college! As you know ... I jump at any chance to dillydally ... but am especially excited when young women invite me to dillydally!  We spent all afternoon together yesterday ...

... Emma graduated in 2009 and will be attending her second year of college in Idaho this fall.  She learned to crochet this summer and has made multiple hats.  Yesterday she shared with us a sweater that she recently started ... she made terrific choices in yarn and color ... her gauge is very consistent ... it will be beautiful, and she will look gorgeous wearing it!
She came with her Popsicle Sticks units pieced and spent the afternoon putting the blocks together and laying out the entire top.  She used three Bali Pops to make it twin sized.  It is for her younger brother who is a junior in high school ... what a sweet sister!
Kayleen graduated this spring and will be attending college in Washington state this fall.  We have not had any summer weather ... it has been unusually cold and extremely wet ... yes, we have been wearing polar fleece all summer.  She is looking forward to the late August summer sun she'll have on campus ... so she spent the afternoon working on a summer inspired skirt!   
I affectionately call my female students "Girly Q's" while they're in junior and senior high school.  I explained to Emma and Kayleen that because they have graduated and adopted the dillydally lifestyle, they had now officially transitioned into QBees!  What a fun afternoon ... filled with giggles ... talk ... dreams ... energy ... and chocolate! 

I have known these two their entire lives.  I have watched them grow and evolve into the powerful, self-assured, and confident young women they are today.  I was so touched that they chose to spend their short and valuable leisure time dillydallying with me.  These two represent everything that is good in the world ... they are an inspiration ... lucky me to have them in my life!  You go girls!  Welcome to Dillydallydom! 

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