Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dillydally Moments

Dillydalliers are busy people ... one of my Q/KBees (both a quilting and knitting buddy who shall remain nameless) is very confused about the dillydally lifestyle ... she seems to think that dillydallying means doing nothing!  When the truth is ... we are very productive!  I have tried to explain the dillydally philosophy to her in multiple ways ... but she hasn't had that "ahhh haaa" moment yet.  The word, dillydally is a verb ... an action word ... it is something you do.  I guess I might define dillydallying as doing something that brings you a moment(s) of joy ... content ... fulfillment ... peace ... wholeness.  The result being that while dillydallying our minds clear and our senses are sharpened.  OK ... now you're all beginning to wonder what I had for lunch today ... but the truth is I find dillydally moments everywhere ...well, that's not quite true ... I have never had a dillydally moment when cleaning the bathroom ... but I have when doing dishes ... when writing a thank you card ... while folding my daughter's laundry ... preparing my son's favorite meal ... teasing Mr. DillyDally ... little snip-its of time that are a "dillydally moment"!  I have learned to watch for them ... they're every where ... and gosh they feel wonderful. 
Speaking of dillydally moments ... gosh ... I'm completely finished with this sweater for Sister DillyDally .... my dillydally moment has lasted for days!
I won't be able to see Sister in it until next spring, so I had QBee Emma model it for me on Sunday.  Isn't she beautiful?  With or without this sweater!

Here is a peek at some undercover 007 work I've been up to ... will reveal them on Sunday at the QBee's Happy UnBirthday Party!  Stay tuned!

Look for those dillydally moments ... enjoy them ... they're addicting!  Now...go dillydally! 

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