Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day of Sun...Finally!

Blue skies...Brother DillyDally, Kysa and I hit the road.  Yes ... we only have one road ... and yes ... it is only about 50 miles long ... and yes ... we drove to the end of the road.  But look at what is at the end of that road!
Child's Glacier
This is one of Alaska's best kept secrets.  Cordova is off the beaten tourist path ... it takes effort to visit this side of Prince William Sound ... so even though many people do travel here ... there are not the huge crowds found in other communities.  
The glacier calves directly into the Copper River.  It is relaxing to watch the forces of nature ... better than any DVD!
We refer to the calving as "fireworks, Alaska style".  The glacier makes very loud cracking and popping noises ... when the ice hits the water, the sprays/splashes are huge ... they create large waves that are fun to watch!  Yep ... nature was putting on quite a show for us!
A perfect dillydally day with my son.

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  1. I'm so happy that you had sunshine! We've had non-stop sunshine (and heat) since we arrived home from our July adventure. With temps in the mid 80s, I admit I'm ready for a reprieve (*gasp*). I am not used to this kind of heat anymore. The house has to be kept dark to keep the heat out, and I want to see sunshine! Rain is coming though, which should cool things down.

    We loved visiting Childs Glacier. What a fabulous experience it was to watch the glacier calve into the river. So happy to see photos of the glacier with sunshine!

    Enjoy your August! I hope you have many more sunny days.

    Susan in North Pole