Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Bits...

I was busy dillydallying all weekend ... you know a bit of this and a little of that ...

Mr. DillyDally and I continued our work on perfecting our version of a Blueberry Bar-B-Q sauce ...
... we went and picked more berries ... sorry ... I cannot seem to get my camera to take good close up photos.  UGHHHH!
So ... here is a shot of what the forest is like where our blueberries grow.
So far ... we've tested our version out on pork and chicken.  We have had to make numerous batches ... the heat, tomato or tang always over powered the blueberry flavor ... lots of experimenting!  But we both finally feel like we have found the right combination for our taste!  Now I have to get around to canning some!  We can't wait for Sister and Brother DillyDally to try it!

When the blueberries are ready to harvest ... you know that fall has begun in our little corner of this planet.  Fall comes early here ... quickly ... and doesn't stay long.  Which means that mitten weather is just around the corner.
I always have at least one pair of mittens in progress at all times.  Those of you who follow this blog know that I recently finished a pair ... you can see them again here.  I finished the second hand on this one over the weekend and have just the thumbs to finish.  These are the last pair I have in progress ...
... so it was time to design a new pair.  Usually I stick to Nordic designs, but yesterday I felt like something different ... so I worked with roses.  I have no idea why ... just dillydallying.  I usually start with pencil and graph paper ... then move to the computer.  I don't know if I can wait until I'm finished with the other pair to begin these ... I feel a trip to The Net Loft might just be necessary this afternoon. ;-)
I've also made decent progress on this cardigan for Sister DillyDally.  She didn't pick out the pattern or yarn on this one, but it is pretty basic ... so I think I'm safe.  I always ask myself ... does this look like something that Anthropologie would have on their rack?  If the answer is yes ... I make it ... for about 1/8 the price they would sell it for!
I bet you can't guess what this is?  Yes ... it might be a giant, white furry caterpillar!  It is for Sister's upcoming birthday ... so I can't show you ... you'll have to wait! 
Did some laundry ... now think about it ... how many bloggers share their laundry?  Just be thankful that I'm sharing clean laundry! ;-)  I was folding laundry and thought I'd tell you about my two favorite kinds of dishcloths.  Cleaning is such a necessary evil.  I knit the one on the right ... amazingly ... they last for years ... and are very inexpensive to make.  The one on the left ... I created over the weekend.  When our bath towels get worn, I cut them up into squares and zig-zag the edges.  I usually get nine out of each towel.  Of course it is always good to recycle ... but the real reason I do it is that I have been mostly unhappy with the ones that are available to buy.  They are beautiful, but don't work as well as these ... and in my dillydally life ... I expect a lot of work from my dishcloths!
Yep ... more laundry.  This pillowcase was embroidered by Sister DillyDally when she was in high school.  She made one for Mr. DillyDally too.  It says, Pop, and doesn't have flowers on it.  I sleep with it every night...
... gosh ... her birthday is right around the corner ... I miss my girl.  I even miss Mr. NaughtyPants ... a little!  He better not mess with that giant, white furry caterpillar! ;-)


  1. The blueberry barbecue is making me super hungry for a home-cooked meal! yummm.

  2. I want blueberry BBQ sauce....sounds delish! And I want to dillydally with you...sounds even better!