Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Wild Week!

Wow!  It has been a busy, crazy and wild week!  Just the way we dillydallyiers like it!  I arrived home a week ago today ... hit the ground running ... and haven't slowed down!  Lovin it!

Cordova has a seasonal economy, commercial fishing.  Which means that our population doubles in the summer!  I love the fact that my job as a teacher has me on an opposite schedule ... I'm off when our community is at it's busiest ... it's great!  Cordova is famous for the Cooper River King and Red Salmon our fishermen and women harvest.  It is to die for delicious!  While in Minneapolis and grocery shopping, I found it for sale at Lund's in Uptown!
Needless to say ... this doesn't fit into Sister DillyDally's budget ... so she has to travel home to get her salmon fix!  Make no mistake ... we know how great our salmon tastes ... it just melts in your mouth ... who knew we were eating like royalty ... Mr DillyDally is a master at grilling it ... now we'll realize that it is even a bigger treat than we realized.  Sure wish our local fisherman were getting half of this price!
Our Reds/Sockeyes were on sale!  Gosh, my mouth waters just looking at these photos!  Even though the retail prices were shocking for me to see ... being Cordovan, I'm well aware of how great our salmon tastes and how nutritious it is to eat ...  I'm grateful that others are aware of it as well ... that there is a market for it ... that reaches to places no where near the sea.  That people who have never been to the Copper River can sit down at their dinner table and enjoy freshly caught wild salmon that was harvested nearly 4000 miles away is an example of all that is good about the technology we live with.  Hmmmm ... think we will have salmon for dinner tonight!

It has been great to see many of my "summer friends" ... of course they are friends year round ... but I only see them in the summer ... they return to our community to help harvest the salmon!    It is so fun to catch up with one another.  Last Wednesday night, we had a "Cake Party" (yes, we are very good at entertaining ourselves) at The Net Loft (darn, I forgot my camera.) to celebrate the season!  It was so good to see them ... another reason why I'm happy my down time is in the summer!

On Saturday we had a baby shower for Quilt/Knit Buddie Sweet Sara!  We're all excited about the birth of her daughter ... only two years ago we were celebrating her marriage ... now the birth of her first child ...
Sara and her husband are going to be such great parents ... I can't wait to hold this little princess in my arms ... babies ... what a great way to begin life!

Sunday, Mr. DillyDally and I celebrated our 29th Wedding Anniversary!  It was a rainy and dreary day here in town and at the cabin ... so we decided to go to the end of the road ... the weather is ALWAYS better there.  Remember ... we only have 50 miles of road ... to get to Cordova you must travel by air or sea.  We wanted to make a day of it ... leisurely drive ... campfire ... hot dogs and baked beans ... it sounded wonderful!  The three of us got busy ... packed up the car ... Kysa came along ... we were excited to have our first picnic of the summer.
At the end of our road ... there is a huge glacier, Child's Glacier ... in front of it is the Copper River.  For the first time in the 26 years we have lived here ... the weather was actually worse than in town.  The picture does a great job of showing you how dark it was (1:30 p.m.) due to cloud cover ... what it doesn't show is how hard it was raining.  We were soaked to the skin ... no campfire ... Kysa hid under the picnic table ... we had cold beans and potato chips.  On the way home ... we were wet and cold, so the heat was on high ... Brother read ... I knit and napped ... Kysa was panting due to the heat ... Mr. DillyDally quietly drove.  It wasn't anywhere near the afternoon we had planned ... but it didn't dampen the love or commitment its taken to maintain a marriage for 29 years.  We have lots to celebrate ... none of which is dependent upon the weather!

It wasn't until Sunday night that I actually had a chance to enter my sewing room.  Mr. DillyDally refers to it as my "Happy Place"!
Peanut (my sewing room mascot) and Her Majesty (my sewing machine) were very happy to see me!  I really missed them and couldn't wait to get busy!  I sat down ... I didn't know where to begin ... I have several 007 (secret) projects in progress ... too many UFOs to count ...  tons of "want to" projects ... I was a bit overwhelmed!  Finally decided to begin with a small hand project.
As you might recall from an earlier post, Sister and I had gone to a MN Twins game and participated in a quilting event there.  Like I would ever give you a chance to forget ... I know, I can be obnoxious!  That was where I met Quilt Rock Star Terry Atkinson!  The event was organized and sponsored by another favorite Quilt Rock Star, Roseann Kermes!  In our goody bags, Roseann included this needlecase kit she designed specifically for the event.  I brought home Sister's kit so that I could make hers as well.  While working on them, they brought back to mind the wonderful memories I have of that night ... it was just so fun!  After some progress, I decided to turn them into Christmas ornaments instead ... I stitched the event and date on back ... now every holiday season we'll both remember that warm summer evening we shared!  This was just the project to begin dillydallying on ... it allowed me to think about my time with Sister in Minnesota ... got a needle in my hands ... those dillydally juices just started flowing!

What a week ... it flew by in a bit of a blur ... time to go dillydally some more ... you do the same! 

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