Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time with "Quilt Rock Star", Roseann Kermes!

Life has been ... no ... let's just face it ... life is crazy!  I returned home to Cordova Tuesday (6/22), and hit the ground running.  Yes ... life is crazy ... and I am behind on my blogging ... but I love my life ... so I refuse to complain or apologize ... we just are not going to make that part of the dillydally lifestyle!

In the last three years, Sister DillyDally and I began the tradition of taking a day trip to explore a community that is new to us both.  In 2008 we traveled to Hutchinson, MN of Thimbleberries fame, last year we explored the antique stores of Stillwater, MN ...we have had such a wonderful time doing this ... something we both look forward to each summer.  This year we chose to spend our day in White Bear Lake, MN.  Why White Bear Lake?  It is the new home of Rosebud's Cottage ... my favorite metro area quilt shop ... home of one of my favorite "Quilt Rock Stars" Roseann Kermes!
Roseann and Sister DillyDally in Roseann's studio!
I was so excited about this day ... that I left my camera in Sister's apartment ... UUUGGGHHH ... I could have screamed!  Fortunately Sister had her cell phone ... so I could take some photos ... but as this photo shows ... not very well!  Just call me Mrs. Dumb-Dumb DillyDally!

In 2008, the day before I traveled to Minnesota, I accidentally found the MN Shop Hop web page and saw that the Metro area was having bus tours of shops in that area.  I called the info number ... the tours were full ... I was placed on a waiting list.  Two days later I was on a bus, touring shops in the northern metro area.  On that tour, I had my first visit to Rosebud's Cottage, then located in St. Paul.  Now remember, I knew no one on the tour, and had never visited any of these shops.  
Rosebud's Cottage Storefront in St. Paul (8/09)

It was not our first shop of the day ... I can't recall specifically ... but it was one of the last shops ... we were all tired ... it was hot ... we had already spent a lot of money ... and then we pulled up to Rosebud's Cottage.  I was tired ... had jet lag ... lonely, no QBees to share the day with ... walked into Roseann's shop ...wandered around ... and was inspired and revitalized!  The shop was wonderful ... the women working there were wonderful ... I left that day, knowing I would be back ... it was the shop that left a permanent imprint ... I loved everything about it! 

In 2009, I was on top of this MN Shop Hop phenomenon!  When attempting to make reservations for the metro bus tours, I ran into difficulties so I called Rosebud's Cottage for assistance.    There were road blocks at that time because I was out of state, they couldn't accept credit cards, things just got complicated.  Roseann took action and navigated my way through the road blocks ... because of her efforts I had a terrific experience ... remember, it was that event that started this whole blogging life!  I was so grateful for her efforts and looked forward to meeting her and her staff.
Roseann (on right) and her staff. (8/09)

I think that it is important for you all to know that until this past year, I had no idea that Roseann was a "Quilting Rock Star".  Remember ... I live in a very remote corner of the world.  My impressions of  the shop, her talent as a designer and her essence as a person were genuine ... not affected at all by her quilting celebrity.  I was "Clueless in Cordova" ... ;-) ... I smile just thinking about it ... my silly life!  Anyway ... after such a positive experience dealing with her last summer, I began following her blog ... checking her website ... receiving her newsletters ... and I started paying attention to my quilting publications and found she was the designer for many of the featured projects!  Who knew ... a celebrity had gone out of her way ... for Mrs. Dumb-Dumb ... oops, I mean DillyDally!  ;-)

 Her White Bear Lake store front.
It is a new location ... a new setup ... completely different layout ...

... and of course ... several of Terry Atkinson's new designs ...
... but has retained all of its original charm!
This lovely woman (you met her in the Baseball game post, the one with the baseball pin cushion) helped us pick out fabric for a mystery class I'm taking this fall ... she really is our kind of person!  We got to visiting ... of course ... she told us how her husband and some of his friends were on a golf trip, so her and her friends decided to go out to lunch!  That sounded reasonable ... they went to lunch at a place called "Lady & Sons"...yes!!!  They went to Savannah GA, to Paula Deans restaurant for lunch!!!  She understands the dillydally lifestyle!  After soaking up all the charm and inspiration at Rosebud's Cottage, we walked around the downtown area and had lunch.

Roseann had invited us to visit her at her studio ... I know ... can you believe it?  What an honor!
Her studio is an easy walk from the shop ... extremely convenient!  There are two rooms ...

... the first is painted a beautiful pink/red rose color.  She has many of the projects that have been published in magazines on display in this room.
Not only is it a great room for displaying projects, it also makes a great reception room.  Just wonderful!
The room really is an extension of Roseann ... her humor ... her talent ...
The second room is where the real magic happens ... terrific energy ...
...Sister and I felt right at home ... we knew we had found a kindred spirit ... I painted my sewing room yellow last summer ... Sister recently painted her new apartment yellow ... one more reason to love Roseann!  Like we needed reasons!  Roseann spent 1.5-2 hours of her very valuable time with us ... she is such a joy to be around.  I wish all of my QBees had been there with us!
Roseann with three of her recent book covers!

I wish there was a way to clearly communicate to you the essence of Roseann ... I'm not enough of a writer to do it well ... you'll just have to meet her sometime.  Her talent and abilities are obvious ... what isn't necessarily evident through her designs is her charisma ... for that you only need to spend about 30 seconds in her company.  She empowers everyone around her ... even though she is a "Rock Star", she never makes it about her ... she always wants to know about you.  Within minutes you feel like you've known her your entire life, she makes everyone feel important and comfortable.  Sister DillyDally shared with her some of her life goals and Roseann responded with enthusiasm and support.  It meant so much to Sister to hear that encouragement from someone who has been so successful! 

I'm so happy that we saved our day in White Bear Lake and visit with Roseann until the end of my trip.  It was a wonderful day ... thanks to Roseann and her generous heart. She shared with us that she has recently been inspired by words and described how she has been incorporating them into her current design work.  So Roseann ... here is a quote to thank you for your kindness...

  Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.   --Mark Twain

Later dear ones ... make time to dillydally ... Mrs. Dumb Dumb ;-)


  1. Pins on the Floor GalJune 24, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    I've so enjoyed following your blog, which I discovered through the link from the Rosebuds Cottage page. You really get around Minnesota when you go!

  2. Amen! I met Roseann basically the same way you did - she helped me with the MN bus tour (in fact you and I were on that same bus last year!) and she has become a very dear friend. I love visiting WBL and often tell my family that if I suddenly disappear one day they should look for me in WBL, MN. They don't know about Roseann's hideout, though...hee hee! Glad you had such a terrific visit...I've enjoyed reading about it on your blog.

  3. You make me weepy. Thank you so so much for your sweet words. Next time ... we're pulling out paper and glue and exposing you to an entire new world!! Can't wait to see you again.