Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cobblestone Lane travels come to an end...

The last leg of our travels down Cobblestone lane happened has been a great trip...and we'll soon have the quilts to prove it! ;-)

Here are five of the "Lucky Seven" who traveled down Cobblestone Lane together...we have had a ton of fun!  We really enjoyed Sherri Falls pattern...her instructions were very clear...and, as always, her designs are inspiring.  Kay from Heavenly Patchwork was so consistent in sending us our kits each month...the fabric was generously cut...and she encouraged our participation, even though we live 3,000 miles away.  We are grateful to them both...what a talented and kind mother/daughter team!

I was sooooo relieved today to find that some of my fellow travelers had not finished their applique blocks yet either...there are so many choices when it comes to how to do this was fun to see how the others had chosen to do theirs.  It never ceases to amaze me how much we continue to learn from one another...someone will think outside the box and that opens new possibilities for all is impossible to ever have "seen" or "heard" it all!  I love it!

We spent the afternoon cutting out the alternate blocks, sashing and borders.  A few even began sewing the alternate blocks and others worked on their applique blocks.  We snacked on quiche and coconut cake...

I made the quiche with fresh eggs given to me by QBee Julie...noooo Mr. DillyDally (he thinks he is so funny)...she doesn't lay eggs...her hens do!  Believe me...fresh eggs in our community are more valuable than gold!  Mr. DillyDally and I have been known to fight over who gets the last one!  QBee Barb made the coconut cake and served it with whipped cream and was delicious!  We had such fun...quilting...snacking...catching up with one another...solving the problems of the world...we accomplished everything that quilter's everywhere do...surrounding one another with support.

Even the weather cooperated...
Snow...rain...gale force wind...perfect weather for dillydallying with QBees!  Hope you find time to dillydally with your matter the weather!

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