Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Dillydally Weekend!

Life was overflowing with dillydallying activities this weekend!  Unfortunately, I came down with a miserable head cold last I had to pare down my involvement a bit...darn!

Our local quilting guild, Cordova Northwind Quilter's, sponsored a sewing weekend that began Friday evening.  Some were busy preparing for the classes Peggy Gelbrich will be teaching at our Spring Retreat in April.
QBee Diane is the one to thank for organizing this weekend...she is also organizing our retreat in April...that is such a big job.  We are already enjoying the benefits of her efforts!  Thanks Diane!

Cobblestone Traveler, Julie worked on Block 6 / hand applique'.  Not only is she the "Pie Queen" but she also wears a hand applique' crown as well!
QBee Terry was busy adding sashing to a sampler quilt she is making for her sister.  
Barb was busy thinking about summer...piecing sunflower blocks!

QBee Dawn was piecing crazy curve blocks for a baby quilt she is making.  Because of my cold, I had only dropped by and I missed the several others that came later.  Reports are that everyone enjoyed themselves late into the evening...what fun!

This is what spring looks like...Cordova style!

This picture was taken from my front deck Saturday (3/6) morning...perfect sewing weather!  On Saturday, QBee Valerie shared with us a mystery pattern.  What fun it is to have no idea what you're doing...completely falls in line with the dillydally lifestyle... ;-)

Valerie gives us our first instructions...what fun...and most of us were able to finish the top by the end of the day.  It really was a "Quilt in a Day"! 

A before and after set of photos...the quilt ends up being somewhere between full and queen size.


We had a ton of fun!  It was entertaining in so many see how everyone's came out...the construction was stress...just old fashioned fun!  I got busy sewing and didn't get pictures of everyone's quilts...with my cold, I left early and didn't return on Sunday...but as they're completed I'll try to post more of them.  It was a great pattern that quilter's of all levels could relax and enjoy.  Thanks a million Val!
Sustenance is a very important part of our quilting is important to keep up our stamina...marathon sewing requires a very unique diet that must include the following snacks:  soda, chee-tos (must be the soft ones...not is a generational thing), and chocolate.  It is imperative that all quilts in the guild have a bit of orange chee-to powder embedded into their construction.  Just think...a hundred years from now...chee-to powder will help historians distinguish Cordova made quilts from others made all over the world.  Yes.....I is obvious...I haven't lost my marbles...I'm still taking cold medicine...I can't help myself... ;-)    

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