Friday, March 5, 2010

Enjoying Pie while traveling down Cobblestone Lane!

Gosh!  Is there anything better than an evening spent with homemade pie?  You know...homemade pie...great conversation...pie and ice cream...quilt pie...quilt buddies...cherry pie...solving the world's problems...did I mention pie?  Simple ingredients lovingly made by hand into something exceptionally delicious reflects everything that is right with the world.
QBee Julie hosted our Cobblestone travels last night.  She is the creator of these beautiful pies.  I wish I had taken a close up picture of each one...the apple pie crust was decorated with tiny apples and leaves...the lattice crust on the cherry pie was actually woven, not punched out...I wish you all could have been there!
Cobblestone travelers showing off Block 5...
Our next and final block for Cobblestone Lane is an applique pattern...we had fun discussing the many different ways we could make them.  I love piecing, so had no trouble keeping up thus far...applique is something I really have to work this will challenge me.  I don't like being left I won't be able to put it off...which is a good thing! ;-)  Our intent is to meet again later this month to work on the alternating blocks...that creates a deadline for me...I'll keep you posted on my progress...hee-hee!

After sharing our blocks, QBee Julie offered us pie, "Would you like apple, cherry or the Sampler?"  We are of course we all chose the sampler!

I have crowned Julie the "Pie Queen"!  I am qualified to do so because my mother was a "Pie Queen" as well!  The qualifications are...pie crust must be near perfect...ingredients are simple but of high quality...maker enjoys creating pies by hand...pies are served with love.  Julie has met and exceeded all of those qualifications...we all enjoyed her pie and fortunate we are!  She sent me home with a large piece of cherry pie for Mr. is his favorite...but I accidentally left it in the backseat of Barb's car!  Poor Mr. DillyDally...

What a wonderful way to dillydally...sharing a quilting adventure with friends...and eating pie!  Life is good!

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