Friday, October 28, 2016

Rescue Road Trip - Day 1

In my dillydally life, my experiences tend to be how I define time periods.  2015 was all about the Oregon Trail adventure.  It appeared that my knee replacement was destined to define 2016 ... the entire year had been consumed with knee pain, surgery and recovery.  In all honesty ... it had been difficult to maintain my dillydally optimism through it all!  My knee issues seemed to have overshadowed everything ...
... that was until Mary Ellen came to the rescue with her super powers!  She knows and understands the desires of my dillydally heart!  I love road trips!  It was in the midst of knee pain and while plans for surgery were in the works that she suggested rewarding myself with a road trip once I had recovered enough.  While I was wallowing in pain and self pity, she kept it positive.  She made plans even when I couldn't commit ... she believed in the possibilities when I couldn't see them!  So you see ... I was serious when I said this woman has super powers!
We left the Twin Cities early Sunday morning.  Before long we were at the Iowa State border!  Be. Still. My. Heart!  What a beautiful rest stop, compliments of Iowa!
I love a red barn!  I love cow spots!
Next stop was the lovely town of Winterset!  This shop used to be the original home of Fons & Porter!
It is still a quilt shop ... a terrific one!  Just no longer owned by Fons & Porter.
The shop was fantastic ... and these wine labels won our hearts!  Too fun!  The Iowa Quilt Museum was on the same street, while there we enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Marianne Fons!
Winterset and St. Charles are both communities found in the infamous Madison County!  Yep ... the county made famous by the book and movie, The Bridges of Madison County!
The windows of this old church were so beautiful, we had to stop!  The building has been saved by the community and transformed into a Antique Shop!  I had to post the window that showcases one of the areas covered bridges!

Before long, we found ourselves at the Missouri State border!  My first visit to this beautiful state!
The rest area here had an amazing mosaic ...
... that captured the history and commerce of this state!  It covered a wall the entire width of the building!
Above the office doors ... the artist captured the covered wagons of the Oregon Trail that actually began in Missouri.  I love when things relate directly to other events in my life.
And of course, we can't forget that Missouri is the home of Mark Twain!  A favorite author and Mississippi River enthusiast ... both of which are very dear to my heart!
As the sun began to set over the prairie ... I could feel the shadows of 2016 begin to lift!  Exploring new places ... learning new things ... on the road with a kindred spirit.  I could feel my dillydally wings begin to take flight!

Do what you love.  Find friends with super powers!  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Glad Mary Ellen lifted your spirits.
    It looks like you stopped at some fantastic places and sites.
    Thanks for sharing all of the pics.
    The Murals are fantastic.

  2. Terri, did you get to Hamilton, Missouri, Missouri's Quilt Capitol??