Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween & Road Trip - Day 2!

Welcome November!  It seems that the arrival of November surprises me every year!  My list of traditional "must do activities" are filling my calendar! And those traditions began yesterday ...
 ... Halloween in DillyDallydom means a Popcorn Ball Marathon!  Even though I no longer have little hands to help out, I enjoy making them!  They are a tradition from my own childhood ... and I carried it over into my classroom!  Many found memories surround this simple treat!

Now ... about my visit to Disneyland Hamilton, Missouri!  Honestly ... this place really is an amusement park for quilters!
Mary Ellen had been here before, and she knew how to organize our day!
Yep ... a strategy is necessary to maximize a visit to this remarkable place!
This is first half of a full block ...
... (second half) of 9 quilt shops!  OMGOSH GOOD GOLLY! Thus far there are a total of 11 quilt stores and more in progress!  Heaven ... absolutely heaven!
We began with the old J.C. Penney store!  Mr. Penney grew up here in Hamilton and there is a wonderful museum about his life.
There is inspiration ... of every kind ... in every corner ... of every store!  Even in the elevator, the bathrooms, and the stairs!
This building is their retreat center.  We toured the classroom and kitchen on the first floor.  The second floor is where retreaters are housed ... beautiful accommodations!
Two of the three restaurants in town ... the burgers are delicious!  I took this photo at 9:00 am ... before the shops were open!  By 10:00 am the town was filled with quilters and parking would have been difficult!  We were there on a Monday (October 3rd) ... just an average day without any special events ... and the town was packed!
They accommodate non-quilters with a Man Cave space!  It is a beautiful facility ... and well used!  Just cracks me up!  Yep ... I spied several nappers during the day!
What a wonderful day!  Filled with tons of quilting fun!  Mary Ellen and I left with a trunk full of fabric ... sore feet ... and happy hearts!  I will be returning ... plans are for October 2018!  Stay tuned!

Do what you love.  Play with friends!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Oh, this looks like Heaven!
    Looks like a fun town.
    I like the "man cave" option. :)