Thursday, October 20, 2016

Childhood Home - Northern Minnesota

Mr. and I returned to Cordova Tuesday evening to a very affectionate welcome from Flicka and Nissa!  They were very well taken care of by Brother and Girlfriend DillyDally!  This blog is primarily a personal journal ... and after opening it today, I realized just how much I haven't recorded.  Time to catch up and move forward!
Farm Property - Minnesota
My arrival to Minnesota was interrupted by flight cancelations, a new flight schedule, and lost luggage!  Let's just say that if a flight itinerary could go wrong, this one did!  Without going into further detail ... just know that I did eventually arrive in Minnesota via Texas!  Yep, my first visit to Texas was brief, but I'll be back for a longer stay some day!  When I finally arrived in Northern Minnesota ... it was a joy to see family and familiar places.
The homestead is no longer owned by family.  Picture taken from my farm property.
Because of my teaching career, this is the first time I was able to visit my childhood home in October!  Fall was always my favorite season ... such a thrill to return and enjoy the warm days and chilly nights!
Brother with BoBo the donkey
I stayed with my brother and spent the evenings with him and his family.
My sister-in-law with BoBo!  He was her Mother's Day gift!
My nephew appears to be the grandchild that inherited the "farming" gene!  He has been developing a herd of beef cattle, has two horses and bought his mother a donkey!  BoBo steals the show ... just adorable ... if I could care for one here in Alaska, I would want one too!
My siblings and I all own some property from the original homestead built by my great grandparents.  All of the pictures in this post were taken from the acreage Mr. DD and I own.
My sister and I spent the daylight hours together.  She and I walked the property that was once pasture for the dairy cows.  Many wonderful memories of bringing the cows to the barn for milking!
She made this beautiful wreath with materials she collected in the woods!  Such talent and creativity ... it hangs on my brother's fireplace.
My sister is also a master gardener ... and preserves her produce expertly!  She made a beautiful lunch for us, serving her home grown food and using her heirloom dishes and linens!  Lovely in every way!  I treasure the week I spent with family ... with our parents gone, visits tend to be far and few.  It makes me appreciate the memories we create now ... that much more.

There really is no place like home.  Family is everything!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. How wonderful for you to be able to return and visit with family!

  2. I enjoyed seeing the pics of your farmland.
    BoBo is too cute.