Sunday, October 23, 2016

Minnesota Fun & Friends!

Oh my ... I find that I love posting experiences after the fact!  Not only does it allow me to relive and revisit that experience, but it also gifts me with the opportunity to think, ponder and reflect on how I was impacted by it.  
Taken October 1st
This post is not written in chronological order, but reflects my time spent between family and the amazing road trip taken and hosted by Mary Ellen!
While driving (it is about 5 hours) between Northern Minnesota and the Metro Area I took the opportunity to stop at two of my favorite quilt stores!
It had been about 4 years since my last visit ... they continue to inspire me and I found many treasures to mail home!
This sincere and thoughtful welcome was waiting for me on the nightstand in the guest room Mary Ellen had prepared for me!  I was so touched ... and felt like royalty!  Squeal is the phrase we use to declare our excitement when texting and emailing one another!  I was so excited to spend time with her ... we turn everything into an adventure!
In between other activities, we visited a couple of metro quilt stores, Twin Cities Quilting was a new shop for me.  Loved the selection of fabrics!
And a quilter's trip to Minnesota would not be complete without a visit to Glad Creations!  I have always loved everything about this shop!
I met a new friend, Nettie ... she is the person I bought my hand-crank antique machine, Flora, from!  We met her for breakfast.  Look at this menu!  Yep ... this is the home of my people!
Of course, I had to have the Norwegian Lefse Breakfast!  Yummy!
We also went to Nettie's home where she shared many treasures!
Her box of vintage Yo-yo's made my heart sing!  Nettie is as fun and inspiring as her yo-yo collection!  A new friend ... and she is an inspiration!
Sharlene and Karen, from Southern Minnesota, drove up to the cities for a day of catching-up, lunch and shopping!  We spent our day exploring White Bear Lake and dropped in to visit Roseann at her studio!  Roseann's studio is such an inspiring place!  Like she does ... the studio fills you with creativity and the belief of possibilities!
Roseann joined us for lunch ... she highly recommended the "pot roast" sandwich!  I had never had a mashed potato patty on a sandwich!  Absolutely delicious!
We loved these flowers made with sewing pattern tissue ... too fun!
Karen, Sharlene and I spent the rest of the day leisurely shopping and exploring while we caught up on our lives.  We picked up right where we left off while on the Oregon Trail last summer ... friends like that are such a blessing ... I appreciate them in sew many ways!
I love Mall of America and had to spend some time there ... it was great to see the changes over the past 4 years!  I enjoyed a bit of shopping, dinner and a movie!  A visit to the Twin Cities is not complete with spending some time here!
This bag at Caribou Coffee just cracks me up!  And it is true that Minnesotans love their coffee ... I come by my addiction very honestly! ;-)  Ten years ago, when I began developing the principles of the "dillydally lifestyle" one of the primary cornerstones of my philosophy was to spend my energy on relationships that were a positive influence in the world.  That decision was and continues to be life changing!  I am so grateful for the friends featured in this post ... they alone are reason enough for me to visit Minnesota ... I am already looking forward to my next visit!

Do what you love.  Spend time with friends!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Loved having you here ... the time was way too short!

  2. Looks like a fun time with great people and places that you went to.