Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kittens, Homework, and Advanced Make-Up!

Today is Nat'l Hug Your Cat Day!  
The DillyDally clan has been blessed with two family supervisors, and our lives would be in shambles with out them to manage our affairs!
Teacup Dainty DillyDally loved us all of her 18 year life.  We still talk about her daily ... and miss her deeply ... such a sweet and gentle personality.  She wanted to snuggle and hug all day ... every day.
Our current (furry little wingnut) supervisor, Flicka DillyDally, has been on the job for three years.  She is young, but a natural born tornado leader!  On occasion, she will let you hug her for 3 seconds ... at the most!  She is much too busy for all that, and only snuggles when napping!  Yep, she lives life on her terms! ;-)  A true dillydally spirit!

Farm Girl Homework
Last Friday (5/29) was the fifth week of Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage!  Blocks 8 and 9 were celebrated!
I am so happy that I cut out my blocks a few weeks ago ... it has been nice to have a stack of paper plates waiting patiently for me to sit down and sew!  Hee-hee ... it sort of looked like I was preparing for a picnic!
Block 8 is the simple, but versatile Churn Dash!  I have loved this block all of my quilting life!
Spools of any kind always win my heart ... this block nine is called Cool Threads!
They were both quickly finished ... Frankie and Annette were only half way through their Muscle Beach adventure!
My Farm Girl homework was easily finished ... on time!  Oh no ... Frankie and Annette broke up!

Farm Girl Advanced Make-Up
When students know that they will be missing school, they get an "advanced make-up" and do their assignments before they are absent.  I have other commitments this weekend ... knew what blocks would be sewn on Friday ... already had them cut out ... and I was only half way through the movie!
Yep ... here is Block 10, Corn and Tomatoes!  I stuck with colors appropriate for the garden fresh food this block represents!  Just thinking about garden grown corn and tomatoes makes my mouth water ... talk about all that is good about farm life!
Next up was Country Crossroads, Block 11.  It does look exactly like the millions of gravel crossroads found across rural America.
And there they were ...
... all finished a week in advance!
They are such a happy group of patchwork blocks!  It is hard not to keep working ahead ... but there are other dillydally activities that need attention!  If only I could squeeze a couple more hours into everyday!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Don't worry ... at the end of the movie they get back together! ;-)

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