Monday, June 22, 2015

Eight Weeks of Farm Girl Fun!

Time passes so quickly ... hard to believe the Farm Girl Vintage sew-a-long began 8 weeks ago!  Yikes!  Has it really been two months?
Last Friday we were busy picking Farm Fresh Flowers and built a Farm House!
Lately Flicka has little or no interest in quilting!  She has been spending a lot of time outdoors, pretending to be a wild mountain lion!  She is so small in size ... these wild flowers are only about 4-6 inches high ... Mr. DD and I giggle watching her "Big Cat" antics.  She has proven to be a great moth hunter ... and gobbles them up quickly!  Yuck!  All we can think is that they must taste great, because it is not like she is hungry!  Too funny!
Since Flicka is not joining me in the sewing room, it is especially nice to have the peeps there!  Yep ... they totally get me! ;-)
We picked pieced this Farm Fresh Flower together!
Here they are looking at the 37 little pieces necessary to build the 6 inch Farm House ... we shared the trepidation and apprehension!
As a child, I always assumed that I would remain in farming ... and I dreamed of a large white farm house with a red roof!  Now ... all these years later ... I've built one!  Dreams do come true!
Here are the 15 blocks I've done thus far ... it is so fun to see what hundreds of others have done on instagram ... I'm sew enjoying my first online sew-a-long experience!
Sew ... the peeps and I celebrated our accomplishments this week!  Just so you know ... I embrace my silliness ... it is who I am!

Two weeks from today, we will be traveling the DillyDally Trail through Oregon ... I am so excited, it is hard to get anything done!  Yep ... those dillydally dreams do come true!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. So cute. I'm only to Week 4 and working. I tried to resist so I'm way behind.

  2. This is so cute.
    Flicka looks like she is stalking something, too cute.

  3. House blocks are my favorites. Adorable!