Thursday, June 18, 2015

Do Celebrate!

Birthdays!  I believe in embracing them ... at every age!  Life is the greatest gift ... of course we should celebrate!  Recently, I was invited to participate in a friend's birthday fun!  We went out for lunch, then to her daughter's home for cake!
Her daughter and granddaughter had spent the week testing cupcake and frosting recipes ... such memory making fun for them!
They found a cake recipe that hit the mark ... but it was too difficult to pick just one favorite frosting ... so ...
... they made three different flavors!  Wonderful!  Each guest went home with cupcakes!  It was lovely in every possible way!
The Birthday Girl!
After cake we came here to DillyDallydom for a dillydally playdate!  Tinted embroidery was on the agenda!
The three of us traced our designs and then pulled out the crayons!  We're all retired teachers ... love to color ... it was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon!
I chose a vintage Halloween design ... super simple ... not sure where the dillydally winds will take this project.  ;-)  Just planning to enjoy the journey.
Celebrating birthdays and friendships ... makes for a perfect dillydally day!

Do what you love.  Celebrate birthdays!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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