Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Adventures in the Sewing Room!

I have been busy doing 007 sewing for the new quilt shop ... so am unable to share what I've been working on.
Sew ... I'll share some photos of Flicka's first day in the sewing room!  Here she meets "Her Majesty" for the first time.  Flicka was so intrigued by the wonder of this machine.  Her trepidation was quickly replaced by catitude curiosity!  Too cute!
Her favorite spot seemed to be the garbage can.  Jumping in and out appeared to be fun.  She knocked things off the sewing table into it.  And she enjoyed taking all the bits and pieces of fabric and paper out of it.  Such a helper! ;-)
After cleaning out the garbage, she decided it was the perfect place to take a nap!  Who knew cleaning out a garbage can and making a mess was so exhausting!
Her supervisory instincts placed her in the right location ... she just lacks the common sense not to catch that needle as it goes up and down!  For her own safety, her time in the sewing room will need to be limited ... for now.
However, Flicka has completely mastered her computer skills!  She actively supervises all blogging activities.  What a personality this little bundle of fur has ... a perfect fit for the DillyDally family!  Mr. DD and I only wish her rocket level speed would rub off on us!
Do what you love! Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Really love these cat stories. She's such a beauty!

  2. Flicka is so precious. I am sure she will add many hours of enjoyment to your lives.

  3. Flicka sure is a good helper!!!

  4. Flicka is so cute and fits right in with your Dilly-Dally lifestyle.