Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We've Been Adopted!

We thought we were adopting her...
First few minutes at her new home.  4.6.12
... but in true catittude style, it was more about her adopting us!  Meet Flicka DillyDally!
We had no intention of having another cat join the DillyDally clan ... that was before we saw this sweet face.
She immediately claimed this recliner and quilt as her personal property ...
... that first evening she tolerated us, but attached herself to the chair and quilt.  That was where she played and slept ... when we would try to distract her with toys and things around the house ... she quickly returned to her chair and quilt ... it was her safety zone.  So stinkin' cute!
Like all kittens ... she is as fast as a bullet ... getting action photos are tough!  By Saturday, she was much more relaxed and seemed to enjoy her new home.  ;-)  And tolerated our affections a bit more!

The sewing room is too unsafe for a kitten her age, so we haven't let her in there yet ... but that hasn't prevented her from assuming her supervisory role!
She actively supervises all of my blogging related activities!
Nothing escapes her scrutiny!  We knew we had been a bit slack on our housekeeping ... well, that has changed now that Flicka is in charge!  The dust bunnies have been rounded up ... things are quickly put away in their proper place ... yep, she is whipping us into shape!
By Monday, she had decided to keep us ... even though supervising the DillyDally family is exhausting!
Who knew?  We need her ... we're so happy she decided we are worth the effort!
Do what you love.  It is great to be supervised!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 
P.S.  Don't forget the give-a-way!  Leave a comment identifying your favorite "dillydallier characteristic"!


  1. Cute kitten. And I have all of the Dilly -Dally characteristics!!!!!

  2. I truely must be a DillyDally person. I am wanting to make a project that requires InsulBrite. I know I have a few yards in my stash, buried in my closet of boxes (waiting for shelving to be built). So I keep finding other projects to work on to avoid digging through the stacks of boxes. DillyDallying is a much nicer word than procrastinator.
    Pick ME, Pick ME!

  3. Are you serious? I think I made curtains for my sister from the fabric that is on the back of Flicka's claimed quilt!!?? Flicka is adorable. We have 7 outside cats and one that gets to come in at night and sleep with my daughter... "mama" cat......I am a dilly dallier completing projects when I feel urged to do so...currently it is a baby blanket for my new granddaughter.........

  4. I actively recruit those to dillydally with me. I love to sew for days on end. Who cares if my family has dinner or clean clothes!!!

  5. I know I'm a Dilly-dallier when I research and re-research pattern after pattern, blog site after blog site, browse fabric sites looking for fabric with ladybugs (granddaughters!) and coffee beans! and finally get down to actually producing something! And then there's the draw of my sewing calls to me each day...come play, come play!!

  6. You know you're a dilly dally-er when you're in the last 10% of a very large knitted blanket, and stop to knit a cowl out of spring-colored yarn (

  7. Congratulations on being adopted! Flicka looks really sweet. I love to dilly-dally; it means working on the project that meets my whim at the time; no pressure just lots of fun and creativity. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful view!

  8. You know you're a dilly dally-er when ou no longer associate guilt with dillydallying! Love the blog...a little taste of home away from home.

  9. That kitten is way adorable! And so much personality. Thanks for sharing her antics!