Monday, March 23, 2015

Do Dillydally!

It has been a very busy dillydally week!  I did a crazy amount of dillydallying.
I filled the week with quilting, knitting, socializing and even expanded my crochet skills.  Yep ... it was zoom, zoom, zoom all week long.

St. Patricks Day ... first day of Spring ... a quilt guild event ... committee meeting ...  the Oregon trip ... all helped to to create a hyper drive pace.
 Even Mother Nature contributed to the craziness.  She gifted me with beautiful sunrises, lovely weather and stunning sunsets.  There are no deadlines ... this frenzy is entirely self-imposed ... I needed to be in hyper drive ... I created it because my heart is heavy.
As a Viking Warrior, my response is to fight through emotions.  The good news is that my weapons of choice are knitting needles, a rotary cutter, a sewing machine and crochet hook!  Busyness helped me cope this week.
It was a year ago yesterday that QBee Julie and her son lost their lives.  I am unable to put my loss into words.  I find that I am unable to set my grief aside.  Every time I sat down to blog over this past week ... I just couldn't ... I certainly had created "stuff" to blog about ... but ... I just couldn't.
It is impossible for me to share all the things I could and want to say about Julie and what our friendship meant to me.  So many treasured stories and memories ... they make me smile.
Friendships enrich our lives ... we learn so much from one another.  The loss of Julie reconfirms for me the dillydally principals I began creating nine years ago.  Don't delay ... do dillydally!

Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. That is a sign of true friendship to grieve.
    You are doing the right thing by keeping yourself busy in remembrance of Julie.
    Take care.