Sunday, March 15, 2015

DillyDally Flashbacks!

Long time visitors to this blog are very familiar with the view from my front deck.  I have lived in this home for 29 years and I still take pictures of the view nearly every day.  But this photo stands apart from the thousands of others I've taken.  Time for a few DillyDally flashbacks!
This sunset photo was taken on September 21, 2011 ... here in DillyDallydom this picture is legendary!  Seriously ... I am not exaggerating!
That evening Quilt Rock Star Bonnie Hunter and several QBees were in my home enjoying an Alaska themed potluck dinner ... and that view!  Flashback ... you can read the post here.  Her entire visit and the classes she taught were incredible ... you can visit those moments ( more flashbacks) here, here, here, and here!  Bonnie was and continues to be a very active inspiration in our lives ... she is amazing in every possible way!  Now ... let's get back to that infamous, yet very humble sunset photo.
Every fall, Bonnie hosts a mystery quilt online ... thousands of quilters from all over the world participate ... it is truly a global quilting event!  On November 1, 2011, I nearly had a heart attack!  Her mystery quilt was based on that sunset picture!  Yes!  The one at the top of this post!  Another flashback ... my initial reaction can be found here!
Found on Pinterest by Joy Vale
I found a picture of the Orca Bay quilt finished on pinterest ... yep, I worked on the mystery, but with teaching, life demands, and other commitments ... it was eventually packed up and placed on a high shelf in my sewing room.  I intended to finish it ... someday.
Then along came our guild's chapter of Quilter's Anonymous!  Yep ... I refer to this as an official "intervention"!  At QA we list six PhDs that we would like to work on ... then roll the dice ... the number it lands on is what we're to work on that month!  The dillydally stars were in alignment and the dice selected my Orca Bay quilt!  At home, I got a footstool, pulled down the tote it was stored in, dusted it off, and brought it with me to QA!
Opening the storage tote was like opening  a treasure chest ... it was wonderful to see these old friends!  So many wonderful memories of Bonnie and her visit to our remote corner of the planet!
The pattern was eventually published in her String Fling book.  I reread through the pattern and figured out where I was in the process.
Then it was time to get busy!  I used Triangulations to make my half square units.
Paper piecing makes it fool proof ( I hope) ... ;-) ...
Paper removed ...
... and all 354 of them are pieced and pressed!  Whew!  It was fun and it felt sew good!  The next unit on my agenda will be pieced using Bonnie's Leader and Ender techniques.  No deadline ... just gradual and steady progress.  It feels wonderful!
Recent sunset 3.8.2015
I am so grateful for the nudge that QA gave me to pull this beautiful project out of storage and make some progress.  It is too easy to put things off ... and the worry is that 'some day" may come too late.  Someone who (obviously) doesn't know me very well ... ;-) ... asked if I felt bad that I had put it off so long!  Poor soul ... she doesn't understand that guilt and/or shame are not good motivators nor do they accomplish anything constructive.  Without being snarky in any way, I told her how happy I was that I had started it in 2011, how wonderful the memories of Bonnie and her visit are, and how I'm looking forward to making progress on it.  I also clearly communicated that it has no deadline.  It is sew important to enjoy the process ... never let anything rob you of the happiness dillydallying brings to your life!  Experience your flashbacks with fondness, not regret.

Do what you love.  Embrace those flashbacks!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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