Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sew Much to Celebrate!

Happy Birthday Girlfriend DillyDally!  We are celebrating here in DillyDallydom!
A year ago this Saturday, Brother and Girlfriend moved to Cordova!  I know ... where did the year go?  And Sunday was the second birthday we celebrated with Girlfriend DD!  Such fun!
This girl has used a sewing machine less than 10 times ...
... and look at her go!
Saturday, our guild had their February "Time to Sew" event ... everyone else had packed up and gone home.  Yep ... she was the last one sewing ... just makes my heart sing!
Her favorite color is purple ... you may remember that I made this pincushion for her on Valentines ...
... she immediately started using it ... it is now filled with pins!
While in Oregon, I had picked up this pattern book and three coordinating prints.
Their apartment is super tiny ... she has no room to set up a sewing station, so does it all over here using my equipment and spare machine.  I love spending time with her and watching her sewing skills evolve.
She was hooked the moment she started going through my patterns ... so I knew that getting her a few of her own sewing tools would make a great birthday gift!
She just had to have a cute and compact way to store her new tools!  I knew you would agree!
It had been such a crazy week ... I was a bit worried about getting it done ...
In true dillydally fashion ... I finished it Sunday morning ... just hours before she came over. ;-)  We had invited them over for a birthday dinner Sunday evening ... on Saturday, she asked if they could come earlier in the day, so she could sew!  Of course the answer was ... "YES!"
I had wrapped every piece of equipment separately and had her open them in order of the smallest to largest ...
... her tool caddy being the largest ... so it was opened last.
She came over at 2:00 pm and started sewing a garment ... something different from strip piecing ... we took a break for dinner.  I decided not to clear and set the table for her birthday dinner ... as that would require her putting everything away ... so we ate in the living room!  She stopped long enough to open her gifts and take the few pictures posted here ... and even ate her birthday cheesecake while sewing.  Too fun!  She sewed until 9:45 ... a total of 7 3/4 hours.  

Here in DillyDallydom there is sew much for the DillyDally family to celebrate:

  • Girlfriend DD has become a sewing obsessed woman.
  • Brother DD has great coping skills having grown up with sewing obsessed women.
  • Mr.  DD knows how to say the appropriate things to encourage sewing obsessed women.
  • Sister DD has recently rejoined the world of sewing obsessed women.
  • Flicka DD has another sewing obsessed woman to supervise. 
How I love this dillydally life and all who share it with me!

Do what you love.  Celebrate!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Lovely gift for GirlFriend DD! That would be great for going on retreats/workshops! I love the was Flicka is supervising :)
    Happy Birthday GirlFriend DillyDally!

  2. The perfect gift! And so happy that she is carrying on the SewCrazy life.

  3. Happy, happy birthday to Denna!! Of course, now we want to see the finished product! She is awesome!

  4. What a beautiful and perfect gift for a new quilter. Happy Birthday Girlfriend DD!

  5. So great that the two of you can share your love of sewing!

  6. What a gorgeous post! May all girlfriends and daughter-in-laws have such a loving welcome to their new family x