Monday, August 18, 2014

My Mojo came Back!

I want to blame it on jet lag or the rain... but for whatever reason I just couldn't get into any of my usual dillydally habits after we returned from South Dakota.  Yep ... I found myself in some sort of slump.
Flicka did her best to take charge ... here she is ... in a dark sewing room, calling me softly with pitiful little mews.  It was so cute ... touched my heart ... but I just didn't even want to think about sewing.  So I gave her lots of kitty love and we took a nap.  Cats like napping. ;-) 

I have a standing "Dillydally Playdate" scheduled with my friend Barb every Wednesday ... it was my turn to host.
She brought along her friend Deb who is visiting from Washington state!
Deb brought a redwork project that she has been working on ...
... she had no idea how much I love and appreciate embroidery of every kind!  It was so inspiring to see her project in progress!  Such a delight to make new dillydally friends!
Barb worked on the binding of this beautiful sea otter wall quilt!  
I had pulled out a small 007 embroidery project to work on!  An afternoon of great conversation, tea, and handwork was wonderful!  I began to feel the dillydally breeze that had been missing.
Thursday afternoon another friend dropped by for tea!  She brought along a baby quilt she had recently made!  It is beautiful!  
I took this photo from the dining area window on Friday morning ... an attempt to capture a picture of the rain we've been experiencing!  I had been inspired by the visits of friends ... it was time to dillydally!  
I pulled out a 007 quilt ... Flicka and I got busy!  We had such fun!  We finished piecing this quilt ... even the borders!  
After that I pulled out a small wall quilt that I pieced last summer.  
By evening we had it layered, quilted and bound!  Flicka approved!  ;-)
Saturday morning I sewed the binding on this table runner.  I planned to hand sew it down at our guild's Time to Sew event.  My guild members are always so inspiring ... check out their projects here.
It felt so good to finish another project!  I had pieced and quilted this one a few years back ... finally it is done!
I pieced this one five years ago ... Sunday I decided to finish it!
My supervisor was ever vigilant!  ;-)
I kept the quilting simple ...
I did the binding on this one by machine!
Ya Hoo!  This one is a favorite ... it feels wonderful to have it done!
I pulled out another table runner that was near completion ... all that was left to do was the binding!  
Finished!  Yep ... I am excited!  Four PhD's (projects half done) in three days makes for one very happy dillydallier!  Love having my dillydally "mojo" back!
Early this afternoon the rain stopped ... the skies cleared ... what a beautiful way to end a great dillydally weekend!

Do what you love.  Celebrate your mojo!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally



  1. All great projects.
    Congrats on your finishes, and getting your mojo back.
    Flicka, as always, is so cute.

  2. Love all your projects that you finished! Always such a feeling of accomplishment. Send some rain down Texas way!!

  3. That's a lot of finished projects! so glad you got your quilting mojo back...and made yourself and cutie-pie Flicka happy in the process!