Sunday, August 24, 2014

Buddies and Berries

In Alaska, the common belief is that when the Fireweed blossoms reach the plant's top, summer is coming to a close.  As you can see ... the blossom is at the very tip!
There is still a lot of green ...
... but the shades and tints of green are changing.
The ground cover seems to take on the fall palette first ... subtle in the beginning ...
... the smallest of plants seem to change earliest.
We have been harvesting nagoon berries ... they grow very low to the ground ... I love how the plant turns to these beautiful crimson tones ... they're as beautiful as the berry they produce!
The blueberry season is also coming to a close ... these are my favorite berry to pick and consume!  Many of the DillyDally family favorite recipes involve this sweet/tart berry!
I can not imagine berry picking with out my friend Barb ... she is my Berry Buddy!  We have picked together for ... well, let's not reveal our age ... too many years to count!
This year her friend Deb joined in our annual berry harvest.  They went to college together and have been lifelong friends.  Harvesting is nothing new to Deb, she and her husband have orchard farms in Washington state.  They visited for the first time last year and plan to return annually!  It was so nice to meet her ... such fun.
Deb fits in to our dillydally lifestyle well ... here are some of the projects she and Barb worked on during her visit!  They both have granddaughters that are a joy to sew for!
Together they also made this flannel rag quilt!  It will remind Deb of the fun and friendship she enjoyed with Barb here in our remote corner of the planet.  Loving my dillydally life ... grateful for old and new dillydally friends ... and I enjoy celebrating all that they accomplish!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally with your buddies!
Mrs. DillyDally   

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