Monday, April 14, 2014

Preparing for Quilt Camp!

At times … all this 007 work gets confusing!  I have spent the last three days sewing like a crazy Easter Bunny person, but can't share until after Easter.  ;-)

Secret Agent Flicka is a professional … she loves to play "Hide n' Sneak"!  Never a dull moment here in DillyDallydom! Cats don't understand our confusion … they always have everything under control and are never confused.  Too fun … how I love this kitty!
So … let's see … I can't share with you what I'm currently working on, so I'll share what I was working on a few weeks ago, because I couldn't share it with you then.  No wonder I feel like a fruit loop most of the time! ;-)  Supplies for Camp Quiltathon … it is impossible to have a camp experience without plastic lacing, pipe cleaners, beads, dowels, and popsicle sticks.
It was my task to come up with table centerpieces that would identify each table by a color.  Bud vases and beads were a beginning.
I am not a whiz at paper crafting … but card stock and paper was an especially quick way to piece our guild's Northwind block!  Obviously, Flicka wasn't impressed with my paper crafting skills either!  ;-)
Yep … the glue stick was much more interesting … it rolls around on the floor!
The message is quite clear … it's pretty obvious what Flicka thinks of my paper crafting abilities!
 Eventually I finished two blocks in each color …
… attached them to a wooden dowel and into the bud vase they went.  Yep … they look a bit naked.
 Next … I moved on to name tags.  Now here is a paper craft I should be able to handle!
 Secret Agent Flicka thought these were great fun!  Help like this is hard to come by!
I dressed those naked center pieces with pipe cleaners … it helped!  And I made the camp directors hats to match their whistles.  Yep … every camp director needs a whistle!

All camps begin their day with warm-ups … so we planned "Sewing Warm-Ups" for the beginning of each camp session.
 I pulled out the very last of the Dilly Dally fabric I have.  It was designed by Me and My Sister Designs.  Gosh, how I wish I had bought more … I should have purchased bolts!  Here are the remaining layer cake pieces I have left.  (Insert a very deep sigh)
No … these are not panty liners!  ;-)  Hee-hee!
They're cord keepers.  We all have these electronic devices and the cords can become a tangled mess!
These are fun to make and practical to use … the pattern can be found here.
 My second "Sewing Warm-Up" was this sweet fabric box!
 Once again … quick, fun, ...
… and useful!
Dress it up with some cute buttons … very fun!  Pattern and tutorial can be found here.  I have made several since … I keep finding uses for them!  A great gift container too!
Whew!  Am glad these dillydally efforts are finally unclassified!  Agent Flicka is always on duty … she handles secrecy so much better than I do!

We had such fun at our Camp Quiltathon Retreat.  Guild members provide me with so much inspiration.  If you would like a to take a look go here, here and here!  Have fun!

Do what you love.  Go quilt camping.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Thanks for the links to all of the good stuff! I had such a good time at the retreat! Thank you for all of your efforts--hope you can sit back and relax in the Fall:)

  2. Cute ideas and thanks for the links. I see some more sewing in my future:)

  3. I wish my cat, Othello was as entertaining as Flicka. She just growls at me and wants fed. :)
    I am working on a 007 project too and cannot wait until I can reveal it!