Thursday, April 3, 2014

I am Grateful

Long contemplative walks …
… spending time at my sewing machine …
… and quiet moments knitting with my sweet fur baby as I privately struggle with sorrow.  We all process grief differently as we seek comfort during a loss.  As I work through my emotions, I've chosen to shift my focus from the tragic event surrounding their deaths and redirect my energy towards the wonderful journey in life that they enjoyed.  It is helping the hurt.  
I have been overwhelmed, touched and humbled by the many ways people have shown their support and concern for Julie and her son's family and friends.  As my heart aches, I also find it filled with gratitude.

I thank you for ...
… the prayers.
… the comforting comments.
… your thoughtfulness.
… your generous support.
In the midst of darkness, your gestures of kindness help to slowly bring back the light.  I am humbled.  I am grateful.  Thank you.

Do what you love.  Please.  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. Good Morning
    Your positive thoughts are always so welcoming, even in your times of sadness. I will be keeping these thoughts in mind tomorrow when I attend the funeral of a really good friend of more than 50 years.
    You touch all of our lives. Thank You.

  2. Even in sorrow, you are a beacon of light. May you find comfort in the many good memories of your friend. As SharO said, you have touched all of our lives.

  3. The joy of your friendship shines through the cracks of your grief...blessed healing to you and the Q-bees.

  4. If not for this Blog, I (or most of us Blog followers) would not have known Julie or what she looked like. Thank you for sharing and remembering her with us. There is a time for everything....a time to weep and a time to laugh....I hope the days of weeping will be short and that joy and laughter of great memories will thoughts and prayers are with you and Julie's family.....