Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Snip-It of Normal!

Thursday meant that it had been 3 weeks since my knee surgery.  I wanted to celebrate by doing something that would prove that I am getting my life back!  You know ... a person sure misses "normal" when they lose it!
Here she is ... Her Majesty!  "Normal" for me means spending some time nearly everyday with this dear friend.  Yes, I worship her ... after all, she is the only one in the house that has a room of her own! ;-)  Before surgery, as my knee became worse, it became very painful for us to spend time together.  Gosh ... how I missed her!  So on Thursday ... I decided to fire her up!  Yep ... she was very happy to see me!
 Organized my "Leaders & Enders" so that they were ready.  It is amazing how many materialize while working on another project!
Because "Her Majesty" and I were celebrating ... we had to work on a new project!  One that oozes with fun, spring and moving forward!  Plus, I need a new purse ... one with fun new fabrics!  We can never have too many handbags! ;-)
I love making handbags, but am always disappointed with the properties of the filling.  I have tried every trick I've found ... using every type of batting and interfacing available ... they never held up like the Vera Bradley bags I love ... and buy.  When I discovered this new alternative ... I got excited and have been waiting to give it a try!
A bit of piecing and then a chance to do some machine quilting!  Yep ... it felt so good to be doing something normal!
One of the features I love most about Her Majesty ... her dual feed or walking foot ability!  We had so much fun together!

Well ... my knee held up for about an hour.  That hour of sewing felt like a little slice of heaven here on earth to me!  I also went back to work for half days this week ... another step that means I'm returning to my normal lifestyle!  It felt so good to be surrounded by my students ... their energy is very healing!
 Yep ... as snip-its of normal return, it feels like the clouds of grey are parting and glimpses of sunshine are breaking through!
Do what you love!  Celebrate normal!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. Glad you are getting back to normal and enjoyed some sewing machine time!

  2. Nothing like some sewing to get you back to feeling normal. Penny's bags are so cute, can't wait to see it completed!

  3. Mrs. DillyDally,

    It has been awhile since I posted a comment, but after receiving the latest issue of McCalls quilting magazine yesterday, I knew I must leave a comment.

    There are great pictures of your Alaskan QBees during the MN State Shop Hop in there advertising the upcoming 2012 shop hop. I was so excited to see it in there. Hope you are planning another trip to MN again sometime soon.

    Your Sassy friends,
    Silly and Sally