Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making Progress!

Spring?  Progress is Steady, but Slow
As friends and family welcome spring in the Lower 48, Old Man Winter remains cool and comfortable here in this remote corner of the planet.
Truth be told, our trees and bushes usually leaf out around the third week in May, so as much as we are complaining about our winter, spring will still arrive on schedule here!  Eventually the snow will melt and those long summer days will embrace us!

Knee?  Good Progress
This past week I worked full days!  Yeah!  It got easier as each day passed!
 Being back on a normal schedule was good medicine...both physically and psychologically!  Getting a bit more of my groove back every day!

Wool Applique'?  Good Progress
After working all day on my knee, I have noticed that I am more exhausted in the evenings.

Normally, this would have taken less time to finish, but I'm still happy with my progress!  It has been fun to work on, and puts the spirit of spring in my heart!  Now...the question is ... will I finish it in time for Easter?  Who knows!  No promises!  It's the dillydally way!  Stay tuned!
Do what you love!  Make progress!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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