Friday, March 16, 2012

Dillydally Breezes Continue!

Yesterday's sunrise ... it was a beautiful day with clear skies ... ugh ... how I wanted to leave the house ...  I longed to adventure out ... take a walk and pictures.  Yep ... my view is limited to what I can see from the front deck.  I did go out on the deck multiple times, just to stand in the fresh air.  It is still cold, so it was short visits to the out of doors! ;-)

Once again ... unable to do what I want ... time to tame "Cranky" the dragon and get busy!
I assembled a pile of knitting magazines ... this was the earliest one, 1985 ... fortunately this pile of magazines wasn't nearly the tower that the quilting ones were!
Found several articles written by my knitting mentor, Elizabeth Zimmermann.  We never met, but her books were and still are my knitting lifeline.  Our relationship began in 1980 when a friend lent me her book, Knitting Without Tears.  She has been by my side through out my 32 years of knitting!  And any accomplishments I may have had in my knitting ... I credit her.
Here they are!  All in protective pages, categorized, in a notebook and on the shelf!  Whoot!  If my knee allowed it, I would have done a happy dance! ;-)  The two, much older notebooks, are filled with all the knitting projects I've designed and knit over the past 32 years.  And that doesn't include all the designs that float around in my head!  I can not begin to tell you how nice it is to have these magazines organized in a way that allows me to access them easily.  And the bonus is that this process has increased space on my shelves as well!

In February, as my surgery date approached, my anxiety increased.  I am sure that is normal, to distract myself I spent a ton of time dillydallying on the internet.  Yep ... it involved just a bit of retail therapy.
I frequent Bird Brain Designs' blog, and one day they featured a pattern that I just could not resist.
Eggs on Parade ... when I saw it ... I knew I had to have it ... that it would be just the medicine I was going to need while recovering from my surgery!  It just oozed the feelings of happiness and hopefulness, and I was needing both!
Yep ... I ordered the works!  The wool and the thread!
Yesterday I got myself organized and the fun began!  When in Anchorage, I purchased this tray at Target, thinking that it would help while I was in the recliner.  It is probably one of the best things I've purchased ... $15.00 ... made stitching small pieces together from my "silly workstation" possible!  Everything in one place ... on my lap ... and contained!
Oh gosh ... those dillydally breezes really picked up!
I am having sew much fun!  Great medicine!
Today is another gorgeous day!  It has been two weeks since my surgery and today I have my first appointment with the physical therapist!  Yep ... I will be leaving the house and facing those stairs for the first time in 9 days!  Yeah!
Do what you love!  Let those breezes blow! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Love your eggs. Hope your physical therapy went well. Stay creative:)

  2. Excellent Eggs! What a pretty way to keep your focus.

  3. Looks like a fun spring project to keep your spirits up! Hope physical therapy helps you get up and outside soon.