Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celebrating Spring? Umm...not yet!

Soooo ... all over the Lower 48 everyone is celebrating the first day of spring!  And rightly so, spring has arrived early in most places.  Here in my remote corner of the planet ... Old Man Winter and his sidekick, Jack Frost, are holding on tight.
I spoke to a Cordovan yesterday, older than myself, who was born and raised here.  He remembers having this much snowfall before, but not having it accumulate like it has this year.  You see, normally our coastal living puts us on a "snow, rain, thaw" cycle.  Yep ... that is what it was like for the first 26 years I've lived here. ;-)

Because so many family and friends (especially the DillyDally children) have asked to see pictures of the snow and our home ... Mr. DillyDally carefully climbed around the glacier that surrounds our humble abode.  Here's a tour...
...this is from the landing on the top our first set of stairs, facing the road.  Our Explorer is under that pile of snow on the right.  Uff da is an understatement!
This is taken from the same location, looking down the bank at the back porch.  Do you see Kysa on the side deck?  It looks like she is standing on the deck railing, but actually she is on the snow next to it.
Here we are on the side deck.  You can see how the snow has edged itself down the slope and unto the back of the deck.  Mr. DillyDally is always removing it ... more creeps forward ... now you understand why we call it a glacial field. ;-)
This is the view from the side deck ... looking back up to the top of the stairs.  You can see how it is sliding towards the back porch.
Here you have a view of our humble home from the beach.  Mr. DillyDally navigated that snow pile you can see descending from the side deck.  We gave up trying to keep the stairs from the side deck to the beach clear.  And there is the infamous front deck from which I take all those photos of our view.  As you can see, the tide was low when we took this photo.

Remember our home is at sea level ... so we have far less snow than many of our friends and neighbors who live at elevations only a few or more feet higher.  

One thing that Old Man Winter can not control is how quickly we are gaining daylight!  Our days are getting longer at a fast rate this time of the year ... unfortunately daylight does not always equal warmth ... so even though we are enjoying more sun it has not helped melt much snow.

Yep ... the first day of spring will pass unnoticed in my remote corner of the planet...
... but I can still celebrate spring in my heart and in my dillydallying!
Do what you love.  Celebrate where you are.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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