Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Odds & Ends

The week passed quickly here in my remote corner of the planet.  An old acquaintance has begun his return to the neighborhood...
...yep...Jack Frost is working his way down the mountainside. ;-)
In all honesty, I have been having a difficult time dillydallying without my supervisor.  She always made sure to be in the middle of my quilting and knitting journeys.  Dillydallying is my form of therapy ... it has been hard to find it therapeutic without Teacup.  Adjusting to a new "normal" is challenging.

To deal with the loss ... I have been obsessed with 4 patches and right triangles ... again, spending a few minutes here and there have added up to ...
 ... yep ... I'm nearly half way there!  It is so nice having it all cut out ... I can just sit down at the machine and sew full speed!  Bonnie Hunter Rocks!  I love living the Quiltville lifestyle? 

I want to share with you how I spend my Monday nights ... no, I do not spend them watching Monday Night Football!  I want to show you how I avoid that!  I go into the sewing room ...
...bring my laptop and listen to Pat Sloan's Quilt Radio program that she does for American Patchwork & Quilting magazine!  Roseann Kermes, one of my favorite Quilt Rock Stars was featured last week, and that is what made me think of sharing one of my football season survival skills with you!
While Pat and Roseann were discussing quilt vacations (one of my favorite topics)...I worked away on my 4 patches!  If you haven't listened to Pat's radio program, I would highly recommend it!  Because I am unable to listen to it live, I subscribe to the podcast through itunes.  It is free and they are automatically downloaded by the time I get home from work!  Pat always links the information to do that on her blog every broadcast.  I love it when technology connects me to the "real" world, it allows me to enjoy my remote lifestyle and stay in "touch" with what's happening!

I want to thank everyone who left kind comments both here on the blog and facebook ... life has been a bit difficult for the DillyDally family lately.  Your gestures of kindness have touched my heart in so many ways ... you have been a blessing.  Thank you.

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  1. ahh.. big hugs... several people on my quilt group have lots fur babies recently and I mourn with you.

    And thank you for listening to my radio show.. that is awesome! I appreciate the love.. BIG HUGS!