Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Medicine

Now that it is nearly over...I can let you know that life in dillydallydom has been a bit rough lately ...hence the reason why very little dillydallying has been going on.
Why is it that when life becomes challenging, a storm moves in to complicate things further?  As a family we suffered the loss of my father-in-law.  The loss of a parent is such a heavy hit.  Then we lost Teacup ... Mr. DillyDally was still in SD when she passed away.
We have no vet in town, and I had made arrangements to send her to Anchorage the next morning.  I just had a feeling that she may not make it, so I was getting up every couple of hours to check on her.  It was in the middle of the night ... I hadn't bothered to turn on the lights and took a horrible fall.  It wasn't pretty ... ;-) ... maybe it was a good  thing the lights were off!  By morning, Teacup had passed away and my knee was the size of a watermelon!  I stayed home from work that day to nurse my knee ...and my heart.

I have always dealt with stress by making myself extremely busy ... yep, it seems to work because then my mind is on something else.  But all that distraction wasn't helping my knee ... in fact it was getting worse.  When Mr. DillyDally came home, he couldn't believe how bad my knee was nor the stubborn behavior of his wife! ;-)  But ... I remained resolute and pushed through the pain ... my knee ... it kept getting worse.

Finally ... three weeks after my fall, I gave in and went to the doctor!  Yep ... all the health officials involved flipped out ... I was chastised ... given medication ... and instructions that included elevating my leg until all swelling was gone.  It took six days of living in a recliner ... using the stairs once a day to enter and leave our bedroom.  Yep, I didn't leave the house for six days!  Poor Mr. DillyDally!  I couldn't sew ... knitting and handwork were impossible with my legs elevated that high ... I was in pain ... I had to miss four days of work ...  spent too much time on the internet ... it made me "crazy crabby"!  Again ... poor Mr. DillyDally!

QBees Lila and Julie to the rescue!  Lila came by with books!  We spent a lovely couple of hours catching up and talking about everything but my knee.  It was wonderful ... good medicine!
 Julie came over and brought some show and tell!  It was sew inspiring to see her recent projects!  This wall quilt is the result of purchases she made on our MN Road Trip!  I love it!
She recently pieced this baby quilt made for a little girl who will be arriving soon! ;-)  Such sweet fabric!
This was a kit that Julie purchased on our road trip!  I loved the sample on display where she bought it ... it is a beautiful wall quilt with an empowering message.  Love it!
This is the "Six Pack" project that she also purchased on our MN Shop Hop trip.  Such buy a pack that includes 2/3's yard of six different fabrics and then choose a pattern from a selection designed especially for that amount of fabric!
I shared with her my six pack project that I had pieced a while back.  We are both donating them to our Guild's annual Tea & Auction.  Julie took mine with her so that they could both be delivered to a long arm quilter!  Celebrating her projects ... being inspired by a friend ... that is good medicine!

Remember earlier in this post, when I mentioned that I spent too much time on the internet?  Today a package arrived...
... from the Green Fairy.  Oh-oh ... you know what that means...
... new fabric to (someday soon I hope) dillydally with!
Yep ... retail therapy ... it is also good medicine!
The storm clouds have moved on.  Monday afternoon I finally got permission to go back to work!  I would have done a happy dance, but my knee still hurts! ;-)  Sooo ... the sun is setting on this most unhappy chapter!  Those who love me hope that I have learned something:

  • Denial when it comes to our health is not a good thing.  
  • Friends are great medicine!  
  • Shopping makes you feel better too!
  • Marry a very patient and loving man.(Like I did!)
Do what you love.  Do dillydally.  And take care of yourself!  
;-) Onward!


  1. O'my sorry to hear you were going through that :(...Hope your knee starts to feel better soon so that you can jump up and dance on tables...again...

  2. Love ya, girlie!! Been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing, and now that I know the knee knitty gritty....OY! Yes, do take care of you!!

    I still miss Oscar every day, but so glad he still occupies so much of my heart. :c)

  3. Hi,
    I have a kitty who is very special, and know how you feel. Glad you're feeling better too.
    I always enjoy your blog, and must make more time for dilly dallying.
    --Christine in MN

  4. Three weeks? Mr. D-D must have a bit perturbed. Glad you're feeling better, but sorry about Teacup.

  5. Sorry, and your father-in-law as well. There were so many unhappy events going on that I lost track of that.