Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Odds & Ends

Mother Nature provided us with wonderful weather this weekend...
...most of our leaves have fallen...
...and Jack Frost is making his presence known!  Mr. DillyDally and I went on a picnic...it was so cold we decided to eat in the car!  Yep...Jack Frost is here!  It is time to pull our mittens out of storage!
OMGosh Good Golly!  I have over half of my Blue (Red) Ridge Beauty blocks pieced ... a total of 144! Yep ... I'm doing the happy dance!  Only 100 more to go!

I did put it aside for a while ... I have a few 007 projects that I can't put off any longer and there are a couple of "want to" projects as well.  I will continue to do the 4 patches and right triangles as leaders and enders.  They add up so much faster than I would have ever imagined!  Thanks Bonnie!

While traveling in Minnesota this summer, I picked up this kit.  ;-)  I fell in love with the fabric!  Halloween is fast approaching, so I thought I had better get busy!  I cut it out on Saturday, and spent Sunday morning piecing it while listening to NPR.
The fabrics were so fun!  I love this one with candy corn and pumpkins!  Why is it that candy corn only taste good during the month of October?  Years ago...I purchased some "Easter corn" which was candy corn in pastel colors.  The entire DillyDally family decided that it just didn't taste right!  Too funny!  Mr. DillyDally likes his candy corn refrigerated ... what a hoot!
The border fabric was just too cute!  I wish I had had yardage of it ... while working with the small piece that was part of the kit, I could think of many possibilities ... lots of fussy cut ideas were swimming around in my head!
This fabric ... it just sings to my heart!  I love it ... it makes me happy!  I wish I had yards and yards of it! I am strange that way ... when a fabric appeals to me ... it has a very loud voice!  OK...OK... I am strange in many ways, but you already knew that!
So ... I made a design decision ... I chose not to add the Jack O' Lantern facial features.  They just muddied up the fabric designs ... and my affection for the fabric won out! ;-)  The fabric makes it very clear that it is a Halloween themed table runner!  Pumpkin faces were not necessary!

Piecing is my favorite part of the quilting process ... it was a wonderful way to dillydally on a Sunday morning!
Our days are becoming shorter in my remote corner of the planet.  This sunset photo was taken about 7:00 pm ... and yesterday, while walking to work at 8:00 am, the street lights were still on.  Yep ... winter is fast approaching ... indoor dillydallying will prevail!

Do what you love...do dillydally!


  1. Street lights at 8am...ugh...

  2. Love the scenery - what views you have near you!
    The Halloween runner is so cute - love that candy corn myself. And I had to smile about the Easter candy corn. I have the same opinion. :)
    And your Red Ridge Beauty is just that - beautiful! Thanks for sharing!