Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/5-Kindness from Minnesota QBees!

Last summer, Sister DillyDally and I attended a quilting event organized by Rosebud's Cottage, it was held at a MN Twins baseball game ... you can read about it here.  My seat was next to a very tolerant man who came to watch the game, but instead spent the entire time answering all of my silly questions!
He happens to be married to Randi, the woman on the right in the above photo.  The woman on the left is Mary Ellen ... they were both at the game ... we visited ... Randi is an accomplished long-arm quilter ... Mary Ellen a retired CTE teacher ... I love the people quilting brings into my life!

Last summer, I had Randi quilt one of my Terry Atkinson tops, and Mary Ellen has stayed in touch through email and facebook!  When it was clear that our Quilt Minnesota Adventure was going to happen, they invited us to meet them for lunch!
Mary Ellen used her "Private Investigator" skills to find us in the restaurant.  Hee-hee ... ;-) ... she is such a stitch!  She created "mug shots" of the QBees so that they would be able to identify us as we entered the restaurant!  What a hoot!
On top of spending their valuable time with us ... they also showered us with gifts!
Each of us received a quilted wall hanging ...
...  multiple quilt patterns ...
... a quilty pin, design pad ... it was amazing!
We were so touched and overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness.
We lunched for nearly two hours!  The chatter never stopped ... because of all the giggles, I nearly choked to death! ;-) No one would have guessed that most of us had just met!  Isn't that the way it is when kindred spirits find one another?  Love it!

Randi and Mary Ellen's kindness added both warmth and fun to our Quilt Minnesota Adventure ... all the quilt shopping has been wonderful, but finding new quilt friends trumps shopping every time!  Randi and Mary Ellen ... we thank you for your kindness ... and we consider you our Minnesota QBees!


  1. Right back at you! It's fun knowing some QBees in Alaska--you gals are great! Mary Ellen

  2. Mary Ellen and I had a great time planning what we would put in our small gift bags and making the wall hangings - we want you all to remember us and your time in MN. I want to thank all of the QBees for the special tastes of Alaska you gave us. My husband was very please with the homemade jam. We love copper river red salmon. It was a great lunch and fun to hear about you travels.