Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life on the Road! Final Chapter

"OOO...I want to linger ... a little longer ... a little longer here with you ... "  Those are the lyrics from a girl scout song my little scouts would often sing.  It sums up the way we were all feeling the last two days of our trip.  We hurried less ... would drag our feet a bit ... in a attempt to soak in every bit of the remaining time we had together ... none of us wanted the adventure to end.
Sister DillyDally joined us Saturday night ...
...we went to the dinner theatre and saw a performance of Hairspray!  What a wonder way to have a "Girls Night Out"!

You all have heard the saying ... "Shop til you drop"!
Shop hopping is exhausting...
... visions of quilts are dancing in Barb's head!
Don't worry ... she didn't shop until she dropped dead!  ;-)  She just went into a "quilt coma"!  We were cramming a lot of activity into every day ... so power naps were necessary to keep up the pace! ;-)
There was no rest for Lila, my copilot and backup driver!  See...even while driving, she pointed us in the right direction!
And here I am, Mrs. DillyDally, completely out of my comfort zone ... driving an oversized van ... in traffic I see only once a year ... traveling to several places I've never been to before ... with some of my dearest friends!  What was I thinking?  Obviously, I wasn't! ;-)
But ... somehow ... I think the quilting gods were with us ... we survived and accomplished all that we had planned.  We celebrated with cheesecake our final night in Minnesota!
None of us wanted to get into the van for that final ride to the airport!
Such sad faces as we prepared for the 5 minute drive to the airport...
... Co-pilot Lila tried to mess up the directions to the airport, but I already knew the way there ... ;-)!

(Insert very whinny voice)  Why must allll goood things come to an end?  ;-)  We had such a wonderful time ... so many unexpected acts of kindness had been bestowed upon us ... ten days of quilting inspiration ... I have to pinch myself even now, to remind myself that it is all true ... I didn't just dream it!

Dillydally dreams do come true ... I've wanted to do this since 2007, when I accidentally discovered the Quilt Minnesota event.  I believe that when you find something good, you should share it!  It was such a joy to share this with some QBees ... I love my dillydally life!

Do dillydally!  ;-)  I hope and wish for you many dillydally dreams that linger...
OOO, I want to linger
OOO, a little longer
OOO, a little longer here with you.

OOO, it's such a perfect night
OOO, it doesn't seem quite right,
OOO, that this should be our last with you.

OOO, and come September
OOO, we will remember,
OOO, our quilting (camping) days and friendships true.

OOO, and as the years go by,
OOO, I'll think of you and sigh,
OOO, this is "good night" and not "good-bye".


  1. I've enjoyed your trip. Glad you all had a wonderful time.


  2. ooohhh...the big (almost) reveal!

  3. Even though I am reading this 11 months later, I really enjoyed all your Quilt Minnesota posts. I made it to some of the same shops. I am glad you all enjoyed our wonderful state. Now I just have to find a way to visit yours someday!