Sunday, May 17, 2020

Iceland to Paris!

After a couple of days in Reykjavik, our heads were beginning to clear and our energy was returning ... recovering from jet lag takes a bit of time at our age!
We had an early morning flight to Paris ... Iceland's airport is very busy, but easy to navigate!  When we were here in 1980, it was an American Air Force Base.
This was the breakfast on our flight ... one of the many reasons why we fell in love with Iceland Air.
The view as we approached Paris ... fields that have been producing food for centuries.  It reminded me of crazy quilts ... oh the history this land has experienced.  I remember from my first experience in France (1978) being overwhelmed by the depth of Europe's history.
Speaking of history ... this is the ceiling in our hotel room!  Oh ... if only those beams could talk!
The brick wall behind our headboard ... it was wonderful.  The hotel was ... Tonic Hotel Du Louvre. It was a perfect location ... our future daugher-in-law found it for us.  She and our son stayed there as well when they joined us the next day!
We left to explore the area near the hotel ... just down the street we found this ... Eglise Saint-Eustache!
Restoration was in progress ... but even while navigating around the scaffolding there was still so much to see.
Hard to believe that this was barely mentioned in the tour book ... the majesty was unbelievable!
Even without much detail and information available to us ... we could appreciate the art and architecture!  We wandered around soaking up as much as possible!  Such a great way to begin our time in Paris!
When we left the cathedral, it was raining ... hard!  Look at the street!  Stunning workmanship done hundreds of years ago!
From the cathedral, three streets branched off  ...
... each lined with shops and restaurants ...
... quintessential Paris!
We were tired from a day of travel and decided to eat a bit earlier than the locals! After wandering the streets and reading menus posted in front of several restaurants, we finally chose one!
We began our meal with traditional French Onion Soup.  Perfect in every way ... after walking in the rain ... the soup wicked away the dampness and chill we were feeling!
I had a Truffle Pasta dish ... heavenly!
While walking back to our hotel, we walked through a park.  Because it was raining, the area was nearly empty.
This beautiful sculpture served as a landmark over the next several days as we explored Paris!  We kept pinching ourselves ... we couldn't believe we were there!

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